Welcome to Fall 2018! Summary of summer 2018 changes

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Thank you & welcome to the fall 2018 semester! I'm pleased to share a quick recap of important changes that occurred to CSUCI's technology organization, location, systems and services over summer 2018:

…T&I is now ITS! The Division of Technology & Innovation is now the department of Information Technology Services (ITS), reporting to the Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs Ysabel Trinidad. The Teaching & Learning Innovations team, under the leadership of Associate Vice Provost for Innovation and Faculty Development Jill Leafstedt, now reports to Provost Geoff Chase. 

...The ITS leadership team has changed. Peter Mosinskis is the interim AVP for Information Technology Services. Peter remains responsible for the Project Management and Web Services teams. Peter’s leadership team includes Herb Aquino, Director of Technology Infrastructure (Herb manages networking, wireless, servers, telecommunication, email, & the Solution Center); Dawn Canfield, Manager of User Services (Dawn manages desktop technical support, lab and classroom audio/visual support); and Neal Fisch, Director of Enterprise Services & Security (Neal manages Peoplesoft development and operations, and information security programs).

...ITS moved from Solano (and other areas) to Lindero Hall 2nd floor and Trinity Halls. About 30 IT staff members have moved from Solano Hall, or Del Norte, or the Bell Tower to new spaces in Lindero and Trinity Hall. If you look for someone in their old office and don’t find them, don’t worry, they’re still here! Please check the campus directory for their new location.

...ITS has a new self-service help portal. The IT Solution Center portal can be accessed through myCI (or by visiting http://go.csuci.edu/solutioncenter/)

...myCI now has the ability to add favorites and search for services. Learn more about myCI v3.1

...ITS is piloting new kind of self-service printing system called Wepa. A Wepa printer is on loan from Wepa for the Fall semester and anyone may test it. It is currently located in Broome Library 1350 and configured to use single sign on. It can also integrate with some of our other CI cloud services like CI Docs (Google Docs) and Dropbox@CI. You can learn more about testing the print station from one of the friendly technicians in the library’s Solution Center Service Desk area, or visit the Wepa web site to learn more.

...ITS has performed many upgrades in our computer labs and classrooms. Most computers in our PC classrooms and labs are now running Windows 10 and Office 2016. Many rooms have new computers, too. Notably, the instructor stations in the Del Norte classrooms are small form factor computers that are mounted behind the computer monitor. These computers do not have CD/DVD drives installed. If you anticipate needing to use an optical drive for CDs or DVDs you may contact the Solution Center to borrow an external drive.

...ITS has implemented a new spam filtering system (Microsoft Exchange Online Protection) to further protect our campus email systems from malicious email. Click here to request help with spam filtering

...you can now subscribe to receive ITS news updates by email here, or read news updates and subscribe on the ITS News blog

Need Help?
Visit the IT Solution Center portal (accessible through myCI), or call 805-437-8552.

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