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New "Forgot Your User Name" service

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We're pleased to announce that Information Technology Services (ITS) has launched a new self-service method to help students and alumni retrieve their Dolphin User Name and 9-digit Dolphin ID Number.

The new "Forgot your User Name" service can be accessed directly from the myCI login page or using this direct link:

If you have any questions about this new service, please contact the Solution Center at 805-437-8552.

Migration from Docusign to Adobe Sign

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In order to manage service costs and enable wider use of electronic signature and "paperless" processes, the Division of Business and Financial Affairs (BFA) has selected Adobe Sign to replace Docusign as an electronic signature tool. Adobe Sign provides comparable (or improved) functionality to Docusign at a fraction of the cost. Because of the advantage in pricing, we have been able to secure a much broader license that will allow for use not only with BFA forms but for electronic signature processes across campus.

An initial step in the change from Docusign to Adobe Sign will be to migrate the existing forms included in DocuSign over to Adobe Sign. Information Technology Services (ITS) will be assisting with this migration, which will occur in two phases over the 2019-20 fiscal year. Phase 1 of the migration project will focus on migrating high-volume/high-impact forms from Docusign to Adobe Sign. These key processes represent 70-80% of CSUCI's existing transaction volume in Docusign. Once Phase 1 is complete, Phase 2 will begin, where migration of remaining forms is expected to take place. At the same time Phase 2 is occurring, ITS will be working with representatives from across campus to enable use of Adobe Sign with forms and workflows across all divisions.

Please be aware that BFA is suspending the onboarding of new Docusign forms effective immediately. Existing Docusign form creators/senders may continue to send forms and operate existing workflows, but we ask that you limit or postpone the development of new forms or workflows within Docusign.

ITS, in conjunction with BFA’s Docusign administrator, is scheduling information sessions about the Adobe Sign migration (invitations are forthcoming); we strongly encourage each of you to attend these sessions to learn more about the migration process. ITS and other BFA staff members are currently completing "train-the-trainers" training and assembling training materials in preparation for the Phase 1 migration.

Please contact Peter Mosinskis, Director of IT Strategy, at, or Nathan Bowden, Director of Strategic Operations at with any questions or concerns about this migration. Feel free to share this email with other colleagues that may be interested in these platforms.

Thank you for your continued effort to improve efficiency and to create a more streamlined, paperless environment at CSUCI, and we look forward to a smooth and successful transition to Adobe Sign.

Computer moves

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As CSUCI continues to grow, office moves are a fact of life. However, members of our campus community may not be aware of the distribution of roles & responsibilities surrounding these office moves with respect to office technology and personal computers.

To help minimize disruption and clarify expectations, over summer 2019 Information Technology Services completed and published a new business practice for support of computer moves.

We encourage you to review & familiarize yourselves with the practice, and feel free to contact Dawn Canfield, Manager of User Services, at with any questions or concerns. ITS looks forward to ensuring that your technology move requests go smoothly, and we appreciate your partnership and cooperation.

Digital signage program update

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In light of recent questions about the digital signage program at CSUCI, I'm pleased to provide you with a history and overview of the program.

In 2017, the University began an evaluation of its digital signage environment, and documented documented 43 screens in 14 different locations.

Through the evaluation process, several issues were identified:

  1. There was no central method to manage critical campus messaging to all digital signage
  2. The previous process to configure & maintain digital signs wasn’t scalable or sustainable. Information Technology Services (ITS) had a standard for digital signs displays, but it took considerable time to install & configure each screen. In addition, ITS needed to go out and touch each device to update or patch devices.
  3. Displayed information on digital signs were not consistently formatted, due to the variety of digital signage approaches that were used.
With the support of Associated Students Inc at CSUCI, and in collaboration with Communication & Marketing, ITS identified requirements and completed an evaluation and selection process to choose a central digital signage vendor.

After completing their evaluation and sharing the results, Brightsign hardware and Carousel software were selected by the evaluation team for the initial system implementation, and implementation began in 2018. At present, new digital signage screens are deployed in Madera Hall and the Student Union.

All departments requesting new digital signage screens shall participate in the program. For existing screens, participation in the digital signage program for existing screens is optional at present; however, campus organizations that are planning to upgrade their existing screens in the next 12-24 months should plan to participate in this program.

Interested in obtaining new digital signage or upgrading your current signage? ITS has published a knowledgebase article describing how to get started.

If you have any questions about the signage program, please contact Dawn Canfield, Manager of User Services at

Campus events calendar - new release coming on 7/26

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Information Technology Services, in partnership with Communication & Marketing and Conferences & Events, pleased to announce that we will be launching a redesigned campus events calendar on Friday, July 26, 2019.

The Web Services team has partnering with calendar service Trumba to improve the ease-of-use and personalization of the campus events calendar experience for students, faculty, staff and the CSUCI community.  Highlights of this new release include:

  • Ability to receive email and SMS/text reminders about calendar events
  • Ability to subscribe to calendars and add them to your personal calendar
  • Table, list and month views for the calendar
  • Sign in and save events of interest using your CSUCI student or employee email account. 
To access a preview of the upcoming release, please visit: You can also review the list of new calendar features.

We encourage you to share your impressions or to let us know about any bugs that you find, please use the Events Calendar feedback form. We’re always looking for ideas for how to make the events calendar better.

Please contact the Solution Center at 805-437-8552 with any questions about these forthcoming changes. 

Zoom update recommended

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Due to a known vulnerability using Zoom on Mac clients it is recommended that users take a moment to update Zoom to the most current version.

The vulnerability is discussed in this blog post, and is easily resolved by updating Zoom.  You may log a Solution Center request if you'd like assistance with the update.

Monthly Bulletin - June 2019

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I'm pleased to share our monthly bulletin, which provides a summary of activities & accomplishments for the department of Information Technology Services over the previous month, and what's coming this month.

User Services

  • ITS has routinely provided hardware quotes to departments for computers, printers, TVs, etc. by request via email. Users may now make and track responses to these requests through our ticketing system under the Request a Quote service. Quotes provided will be from approved vendors and users will get an email notification that the quote is ready as soon as the quote is sent by the vendor.
  • Technicians have made good progress in upgrading campus computers to Windows 10. About70% of our PCs are on Windows 10, with the goal to have them all upgraded by the end of the calendar year. This is necessary because support for older versions of Windows will be ending.
  • We have installed new data projectors in 17 classrooms.
  • Users can now reference an IT Computer move procedure which could be helpful in planning and executing moves of office technology on campus.
  • Our student assistant training and mentoring program is being updated and refined. We currently have 2 open student assistant positions.

Application Services

  • Development, Quality Assurance, and Move to Production completed or scheduled during June 2019:
    • Hyland Perceptive Enterprise Document Management (CI FileFlow) SQL Table Updates
    • LYNX Academic Scheduling Project - Database Schema and Service Account
    • MedProctor Interface – Principle Development
  • Database Scripts for the following areas were developed and deployed during June 2019:
    • Admissions (2)
    • Student Records (1)
    • Student Financials (1)
    • Labor Cost Distribution (2)
  • Work continues on the implementation and rollout of Med-Proctor to support the Immunization Records Executive Order from the CO by Shawn Bochat
  • Work continues on Student Financials Summer/Fall configuration activities and Academic Career / Program Fee restructuring by Lacey Lovejoy
  • Maintenance pack MP 8.00 was deployed for user acceptance testing to CI Records and CI Personnel 6/17/2019
  • Maintenance pack MP 7.01 was deployed for CI Records 6/10/2019
  • Yearly clone and freeze of Campus Solution database for Student Financials Audit by Angela Stockmon
  • Application Services continued supporting the following operations and projects:
    • Year End Activities for various BFA departments
    • Student Finance and Student Business Services Training and Support
    • Title IX Interface Re-design
    • LCD Issue Support
    • Med-Proctor Immunizations
    • Migration Operations


  • Upgraded AdvisorTrac and Tutortrac applications and corresponding Windows Server
  • Migrated file server to vSAN with updated Windows Server
  • Upgraded RIMS software
  • Working with Shipping & Receiving to upgrade SCLogic software and Windows Server
  • Setup new Jamf Pro server for managing Macs and iPads
  • Setup 2 new software license servers to replace the Windows Server 2008 servers that will be out of support soon
  • Old domain controller deprovisioned and raised our domain functional level and domain forest level to allow newer Active Directory solutions
  • Created firewall rules for various services
  • Assisted Conference and Events guest with networked printer issue
  • Ongoing work on campus SAFE security upgrades project
  • Infrastructure planning for new convenience computer lab in Bell Tower
  • Replaced dead entrance phone at Police Station
  • Tracing/determining cable path for digital display in Bell Tower.
  • Telecom rooms summer cleaning.

Information Security

  • Completed the following regular audits:
    • Monthly - Segregation of Duties in PeopleSoft
    • Monthly - System Access vs. Terminated EE’s
    • Quarterly Data Center and Oracle Account Audit
  • Information Security continued support of daily security operations and administration
  • Business Email Compromise training has been scheduled for Dean’s Office of Arts and Sciences for mid-July
  • Security Awareness Month activity planning has started
  • Information Security completed annual assessment interviews with active department management or designees of L1 confidential data.  The final report will be delivered to the CO on 7/1/2019 by close of business.

Project Management

  • Dropbox Phase II (Team Folders) project was cancelled. Organizations that have already migrated to Dropbox Team folders can continue to use the functionality until further notice. Please contact Asha Ramachandra or Peter Mosinskis with any questions.
  • Closed the TrackIT to TeamDynamix migration project. TeamDynamix has now grown to provide ticketing platforms for Procurement, Enrollment Management, Corporate Games, Financial Services, Card Services, and Information Technology Services. The system has 107 active services in 74 service categories and 52 published knowledgebase articles.
  • Peter Mosinskis attended CSU Ally Symposium on 6/13 at the Chancellor’s Office in support of CSUCI’s implementation of the Blackboard Ally accessible digital content tool for CI Learn (which is supported by Teaching & Learning Innovations)
  • Created and now piloting a new project prioritization rubric with Division Project Coordinators.
  • Celebrated launch of VIA by Watermark assessment platform with Brian Sevier and School of Education (SoE). The launch of the product helped SoE successfully close their accreditation review. CSUCI was recognized by the vendor as one of the first two CSU campuses to successfully implement the product, as well as for its rapid implementation of VIA, completing the implementation in an almost-unprecedented 4 months.
  • Closed the Online Island View Orientation (IVO) powered by Advantage Design Group implementation.
  • Melissa Bergem attended the TeamDynamix annual conference in Minneapolis
  • Posted Enterprise Systems Developer position on CSUCI jobs site.
  • Working with AVP of ITS and Infrastructure team on Chancellor's Office Capital Design Planning and Construction (CPDC) Telecommunications Infrastructure Modernization Projects proposal submissions in support of potential General Obligation (GO) bond measure.

Web Services

  • ​Continued work to support outstanding issues for CI Fileflow (Hyland Perceptive Content) project
  • Launched preview of new campus events calendar interface, powered by Trumba:
  • Launch of new home page and sub-page template design for John Spoor Broome Library
  • Developed beta version of “Forgot User Name” service to support retrieval of Dolphin Name and Dolphin ID number; please contact Peter Mosinskis at with any questions.
  • Closed Nursing HIPAA user management enhancement request project
  • Marc Aten completed 2 Peoplesoft training courses
  • Completed 82 support tickets in June