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Mobile-friendly email, web and myCI changes launch on August 8 and 15

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The Division of Technology & Communication has been working on several updates to email, web and myCI services to provide a more mobile-friendly experience to the CI community.

Beginning at 5pm on Friday, August 8, T&C will begin maintenance to launch an updated web-based version of Microsoft Outlook for employees. Email will be unavailable at various times during the maintenance period (August 8 at 5pm until Sunday, August 10 at 8pm). Please review the Outlook and MyCI preview screenshots PDF for screenshots of the new Outlook interface (for desktop and for mobile devices) to familiarize yourself with the new user interface. Once the maintenance is complete, you may continue access to your email via myCI.

On August 15, CI will launch a more mobile-friendly web site. For background information on this project, please visit:

In addition, myCI will have a new mobile-friendly interface starting on August 15. To prepare for the new look & feel, please familiarize yourself with the new myCI interface as shown in the Outlook and MyCI preview screenshots PDF

The functionality of applications in the "My Links" section of myCI (such as CI Records, CI Learn, etc.) will NOT change as a result of the myCI update. Aside from some minor re-ordering of the modules once you log in, the module names and locations have stayed the same. However, if you have produced documentation using screenshots which describe processes using myCI, please review your process documentation to ensure that it is still appropriate.

The URL for myCI will remain the same; you may still access myCI at

Visitors to the forthcoming CI web site may continue to access myCI from the forthcoming CI homepage by clicking on the “myCI” link at the top of the page (on a smartphone or tablet, this means clicking the menu icon at the top of the page; please see the attached "ci-web-menu-icon" image for reference.)

Please contact Carlos Miranda at or call 805-437-8552 with any questions or concerns about these updates, and thanks for your support in making CI a more mobile-friendly campus.