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Where is your old computer?

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This is a reminder that old computers (generally 2 years beyond warranty or 5-7 years old) should be promptly removed from campus.  It is important that old computers be removed as they can pose security risks and cause friction in user and IT workflows.

You’ll be practicing good digital citizenship by notifying IT of old computers in need of removal. Please submit a Solution Center/Help Desk request for us to decommission such machines.  We can make special arrangements to have them physically removed when it is safe, but first we need your request submitted to plan the work.

Thank you for your partnership!

Virtual MATLAB and Simulink Days - January 2021

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Mark your Calendars!

Faculty, Staff, and Students are invited to attend complimentary MATLAB sessions:

  • Everything You Wanted to Know about Simulink:  Jan 19
  • 21 Matlab Features You Need Now: Jan 20
  •  Introduction to Simscape: Jan 21
  • Image Processing Made Easy Using Matlab: Jan 22

>>View complete session descriptions and register.

January 8th, 2021 - ITS Infrastructure Wireless Maintenance


On Friday, January 8th, ITS Infrastructure will perform maintenance on the campus wireless. This maintenance will start at 7:00 AM and end at noon and will have minimal impact on WiFi connectivity. Other services such as GlobalProtect VPN, wired Internet connectivity, or access to myCI will not be affected.

If you have any concerns, please contact the Shared Services Solution Center at 805-437-8552, or submit an ITS service request.

Improving Email Security: IMAP and POP to be Discontinued

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Dear Colleagues,

Attackers are increasingly targeting insecure legacy email protocols like POP and IMAP to avoid running into multi-factor authentication – thus more easily compromising cloud-based accounts. The lack of multi-factor authentication means that attacks can avoid account lock-out and compromise accounts unnoticed.

For this reason and in an effort to improve email security, CSUCI plans to disable IMAP and POP protocols for faculty and staff users of University email systems.  A small population of users who are currently using these legacy protocols will be contacted to switch to more secure email methods.  Notification on the timeline for disabling these protocols will be sent soon with the intention to end support starting in 2021.

If you have any questions about this or would like assistance changing your email configuration, submit an ITS Service Request or contact the Shared Services Solution Center at 805-437-8552. 

Monthly Bulletin - November 2020

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Below please find a summary of activities & accomplishments for the department of Information Technology Services over the past month.

User Services

  • Communicated the need for attention to Windows Feature Updates  and worked with users to perform updates for computers on the CI network.
  • Performed additional work with Academic Lab Technicians and Phil Hampton to improve collaborative support for wet labs and instructor workstations.
  • Completed installations of 50 new computers in Sierra Hall 1131 and 1432.
  •  Created a new workflow to address 3rd party patch requests.
  • Provided a list of commonly used campus software, now sortable and with additional detail, including the list of unsupported operating systems.
  • Requested and received proposals and quotes for additional HyFlex rooms.
  • Worked with users and vendor to resolve Troy check printing issues.
  • Resolved 184 work orders.

Application Services

  • Development, Testing, Quality Assurance, and Move to Production completed or scheduled during November 2020:
  • Appsian ERP Firewall – Move to Production
  • Engage Interface - Move to Production
  • AIMs Retrofits – Move to Production
  • EAB Enhancements – Unit Testing of Note Uploads, Principal Development of Phone Number Additions 
  • Transition of Web Applications from Freevo to .Net Core - Principle Development Continues
  • Santa Rosa Island Web Application – Principle Development Continues
  • Work Continues on mandated CHRS Recruiting Project
  • The Following Maintenance was performed:
  • Non-Baseline Posting Veteran Benefits Modification was migrated to CI Records Test
  • Maintenance Pack 13.00 installed in CI Records and CI Personnel 
  • Maintenance Pack 13.01 were installed in CI Records
  • Maintenance Pack 13.02 were installed in CI Records Test
  • The Following Data Warehouse and Institutional Reporting Activity took place during November 2020:
  • CFS Data Warehouse Integration with OneCI Data Warehouse Continues
  • Data warehouse operational work for BFA, Student Affairs, Advancement and Academic Affairs 
  • Application Services continued supporting the following operations and projects:
  • CFS MP4.0 Move to Production Coordination for BFA 
  • CFS 1099  Coordination for BFA
  • CSU CMS - AWS Hybrid Cloud Project 
  • Student Financials Fee Configuration
  • Identity and Access Management Support
  • CFS Related Support of BFA Operations 


  • Installed data cables from Sage Hall to Sage Parking lot light poles for Parking Lot WiFi project
  • Worked with campus electricians activating a number of Shark Meters on the network
  • Worked with Digital Energy engineer configuring several Shark Meters for the network
  • Oversaw contractor installing first half of NextGen 911 equipment in rack at Data Center
  • Research for Parking Lot WiFi installations
  • Work on challenging security camera cabling issue
  • Setup preventative measures against Kerberoasting attacks
  • Patched and enabled blocking against Zero logon attacks.
  • Upgrade Microsoft licenses for high risk users for increased protection and security and more features with Microsoft 365. 
  • Shibboleth Upgrade from 3.4.3 -> 4.0.1
  • OneDrive Migration for Student Affairs and Library departments 

Information Security

  • Renewal of Malwarebytes ($7800) was negotiated for a yearly savings of $10k
  • Worked with the Infrastructure Team and the CO’s to resolve a Kerberoasting vulnerability
  • For November we updated eight, 3rd party software updates to our Mac clients
  • Continued work with ITS colleagues on various cross-department projects related to remote device patch management
  • Started working on the Win Desktop image for both labs and clients (Win H2)
  • Started working on an image for Mac OS Big Sur and updates to the current OS Catalina
  • Requested a (M1 chip) laptop from Apple to test compatibility and security. This device will be at no cost for CI.
  • All staff have started taking Power BI training
  • News Center article 23 Nov. / Tips for safe online holiday shopping

Project Management

  • Adobe Sign: Completed four templates and thirteen are in process. There were 1132 agreements sent, 934 completed, 69 in process, and 129 rejected. 
  • Completed and closed online photo submission project. ( MyPhoto product)
  • Completed the first round of IT governance sub-committee meetings. Presented both CARES funding requests and project requests. 
  • Meeting ITS leadership team and project managers to review project requests, active projects, and projects on hold to discuss the direction and next steps
  • Relaunched Ticketing Systems improvement initiative with TDx team. The next meeting will be held during the second week of December 2020.
  • Dropbox to OneDrive migration project is in progress. Planning and training preparation are completed for migration for the Division of Student Affairs and the Library. 
  • Completed IT project portfolio review meetings with Division Project Coordinators for 3 divisions
  • Resolved 25 IT procurement requests
  • Delivered training sessions on Teams, Power BI, Microsoft 365 in partnership with Professional Development Team and Microsoft team
  • Santa Barbara Space Lease project is in progress

Web Services

  • Continuing to work with DSA on the migration of content to a new content management infrastructure. Presented Trumba event calendar and will be integrating Trumba on the website.
  • ATI report was completed and submitted, both for CO and President’s report
  • 26 tickets have been resolved
  • Continued research and work on Intranet feasibility study
  • Working with Modo Labs to launch Elevate program to revamp CSUCI mobile app