Monthly Bulletin - November 2020

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Below please find a summary of activities & accomplishments for the department of Information Technology Services over the past month.

User Services

  • Communicated the need for attention to Windows Feature Updates  and worked with users to perform updates for computers on the CI network.
  • Performed additional work with Academic Lab Technicians and Phil Hampton to improve collaborative support for wet labs and instructor workstations.
  • Completed installations of 50 new computers in Sierra Hall 1131 and 1432.
  •  Created a new workflow to address 3rd party patch requests.
  • Provided a list of commonly used campus software, now sortable and with additional detail, including the list of unsupported operating systems.
  • Requested and received proposals and quotes for additional HyFlex rooms.
  • Worked with users and vendor to resolve Troy check printing issues.
  • Resolved 184 work orders.

Application Services

  • Development, Testing, Quality Assurance, and Move to Production completed or scheduled during November 2020:
  • Appsian ERP Firewall – Move to Production
  • Engage Interface - Move to Production
  • AIMs Retrofits – Move to Production
  • EAB Enhancements – Unit Testing of Note Uploads, Principal Development of Phone Number Additions 
  • Transition of Web Applications from Freevo to .Net Core - Principle Development Continues
  • Santa Rosa Island Web Application – Principle Development Continues
  • Work Continues on mandated CHRS Recruiting Project
  • The Following Maintenance was performed:
  • Non-Baseline Posting Veteran Benefits Modification was migrated to CI Records Test
  • Maintenance Pack 13.00 installed in CI Records and CI Personnel 
  • Maintenance Pack 13.01 were installed in CI Records
  • Maintenance Pack 13.02 were installed in CI Records Test
  • The Following Data Warehouse and Institutional Reporting Activity took place during November 2020:
  • CFS Data Warehouse Integration with OneCI Data Warehouse Continues
  • Data warehouse operational work for BFA, Student Affairs, Advancement and Academic Affairs 
  • Application Services continued supporting the following operations and projects:
  • CFS MP4.0 Move to Production Coordination for BFA 
  • CFS 1099  Coordination for BFA
  • CSU CMS - AWS Hybrid Cloud Project 
  • Student Financials Fee Configuration
  • Identity and Access Management Support
  • CFS Related Support of BFA Operations 


  • Installed data cables from Sage Hall to Sage Parking lot light poles for Parking Lot WiFi project
  • Worked with campus electricians activating a number of Shark Meters on the network
  • Worked with Digital Energy engineer configuring several Shark Meters for the network
  • Oversaw contractor installing first half of NextGen 911 equipment in rack at Data Center
  • Research for Parking Lot WiFi installations
  • Work on challenging security camera cabling issue
  • Setup preventative measures against Kerberoasting attacks
  • Patched and enabled blocking against Zero logon attacks.
  • Upgrade Microsoft licenses for high risk users for increased protection and security and more features with Microsoft 365. 
  • Shibboleth Upgrade from 3.4.3 -> 4.0.1
  • OneDrive Migration for Student Affairs and Library departments 

Information Security

  • Renewal of Malwarebytes ($7800) was negotiated for a yearly savings of $10k
  • Worked with the Infrastructure Team and the CO’s to resolve a Kerberoasting vulnerability
  • For November we updated eight, 3rd party software updates to our Mac clients
  • Continued work with ITS colleagues on various cross-department projects related to remote device patch management
  • Started working on the Win Desktop image for both labs and clients (Win H2)
  • Started working on an image for Mac OS Big Sur and updates to the current OS Catalina
  • Requested a (M1 chip) laptop from Apple to test compatibility and security. This device will be at no cost for CI.
  • All staff have started taking Power BI training
  • News Center article 23 Nov. / Tips for safe online holiday shopping

Project Management

  • Adobe Sign: Completed four templates and thirteen are in process. There were 1132 agreements sent, 934 completed, 69 in process, and 129 rejected. 
  • Completed and closed online photo submission project. ( MyPhoto product)
  • Completed the first round of IT governance sub-committee meetings. Presented both CARES funding requests and project requests. 
  • Meeting ITS leadership team and project managers to review project requests, active projects, and projects on hold to discuss the direction and next steps
  • Relaunched Ticketing Systems improvement initiative with TDx team. The next meeting will be held during the second week of December 2020.
  • Dropbox to OneDrive migration project is in progress. Planning and training preparation are completed for migration for the Division of Student Affairs and the Library. 
  • Completed IT project portfolio review meetings with Division Project Coordinators for 3 divisions
  • Resolved 25 IT procurement requests
  • Delivered training sessions on Teams, Power BI, Microsoft 365 in partnership with Professional Development Team and Microsoft team
  • Santa Barbara Space Lease project is in progress

Web Services

  • Continuing to work with DSA on the migration of content to a new content management infrastructure. Presented Trumba event calendar and will be integrating Trumba on the website.
  • ATI report was completed and submitted, both for CO and President’s report
  • 26 tickets have been resolved
  • Continued research and work on Intranet feasibility study
  • Working with Modo Labs to launch Elevate program to revamp CSUCI mobile app