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How to Spot a Phishing Scam

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We've all received them, emails from a seemingly trusted source like a bank, delivery company or even your own place of employment, claiming there was some type of issue or another requiring you to offer up some personal information or to click on a link or button to help clear the issue up. If you receive an email similar to this DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK OR OFFER UP ANY INFORMATION! 

This is a common form of security attack called a phishing or spear phishing scam.

Groups attempting to steal personal information will often use e-mails that appear to originate from a trusted source to try and trick a user into entering valid credentials at a fake website. Typically the e-mail and the web site look like they are part of a bank or some other organization the user is doing business with.

For example, it could be a phishing email if...
  • There are misspelled words in the e-mail or it contains poor grammar. 
  • The message is asking for personally identifiable information, such as credit card numbers, account numbers, passwords, PINs or Social Security Numbers. 
  • There are "threats" or alarming statements that create a sense of urgency. For example: "Your account will be locked until we hear from you" or "We have noticed activity on your account from a foreign IP address." 
  • The domain name in the message isn't the one you're used to seeing. It's usually close to the real domain name but not exact. For example: 
    • Phishing website: 
    • Real website:
If you receive an email like this and you think it may be fraudulent, please report it immediately to the T&C Helpdesk at X8552,, or Our technicians will assist you and instruct you on how to effectively remove it.

Please remember... nobody from T&C will ever ask you for any personal information, including your password!

President Obama Signs Cybersecurity Executive Order

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The executive order that President Barack Obama signed on February 12th in advance of his State of the Union Address contains a lot of provisions for information sharing on attacks and threats on critical infrastructure, and also calls for the development of a framework to reduce cybersecurity risks in federal agencies and critical infrastructure. 

Read the executive order on cybersecurity and see what is identified as mandated and what is being classified aside as volunteer initiatives.

ThreatPost has additional information about this executive order.

A password should only be used by one person.

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Passwords are like bubble gum, they're much better when used by only one person. If you share your computer with others, each person should have a unique account, username, and password. Don't allow another user to know or use your password, and don't ask another user if you can use theirs. When it's your turn to use the computer, log the last user off, and then log on using your own username and password. When you take a break, don't leave your computer open. Log off or lock it, and remember, passwords shorter than 8 characters are easy to crack. Avoid common words, proper names, and use both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols when creating your password.

CI Open Forum on Mobile Strategy

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The Division of Technology & Communication (T&C) is pleased to invite students, faculty, staff and members of the community to join CI leaders, technology professionals and mobile technology enthusiasts for an interactive discussion on the future of mobile technology at CI.

Bring your laptop, tablet or smartphone to the forum; there will be opportunities for live mobile collaboration. Feel free to invite a friend!

Light refreshments will be served.

Date: Thursday, March 14, 2013
Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Broome Library 1360
Who: anyone interested in mobile technology and campus strategy

Please RSVP by Thursday, March 7 using our RSVP form.

Please contact Peter Mosinskis, Director of IT Strategy, at, or call 805-437-8587 with any questions. We look forward to seeing you at the event.