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Phishing Alert - 8/28/2019

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Dear Campus Community:

We have seen recent activity targeting students’ financial aid refunds through phishing emails. We have provided an example of a financial aid phishing attempt below. The email attempts to lure students into logging into a fake University web portal, similar to myCI, for the purpose of accessing financial aid information. The attackers are able to use student login information provided through this web portal to access the student’s account and change the student’s direct deposit information. As a result, financial aid funds can be rerouted to a bank account controlled by the attacker. Therefore, the University has temporarily disabled all direct deposit bank information from student accounts. Students who anticipate receiving a refund will be mailed a check to the mailing address on file.

If you have clicked or responded to a phishing attempt, we recommend that you contact your financial institution about any possible fraudulent activity on your accounts and contact the Solution Center at or 805-437-8552 to assist you with initiating a virus/malware scan.

CSUCI data has not been breached; this was a phishing campaign targeting student financial aid. Any information about financial aid and student refunds will come from an official University email account ( / / and no other email address.

As a precaution, Information Technology Services (ITS) has deleted the phishing email from all student inboxes and reset the passwords of all students who received this phishing email to ensure no malicious activity is actively in progress. If you need to reset your password, you can reset it using the Forgot Password service.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact the ITS Solution Center at or 805-437-8552, or Information Security staff at

Please note, no member of ITS or of CSUCI will ever initiate contact with you for your ID, password or any other personal information either in an email, over the phone, and especially in an anonymous form. Only with your continued awareness and ongoing vigilance will we be able to keep your CSUCI data properly secured. If you receive an email which you suspect may be an attempt to phish for your personal or financial information, please contact Information Security at

For more information on phishing, please visit the ITS Security website.

Adobe Creative Cloud 2019

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The Adobe Creative Cloud suite is now available for use on all faculty and staff university-owned computers, labs and classroom devices, and for all students.

Access the Creative Cloud suite using your CI or Dolphin email address recognized as a Federated ID with Adobe.  All current members of the university have 2 GB of space available.

University members may also purchase a license for the Creative Cloud suite for personal computers via  This one-year license to use the software on personally owned machines comes with 20 GB of storage.

The commonly-used Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 products are installed on faculty and staff office computers by default. If the 2019 version is needed please log a service request in the IT Solution Center portal  and your IT Consultant will install it for you.

Intermittent AT&T Cellular Service

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Dear Campus Community:

AT&T has been working this week on completing repairs and equipment upgrades to a cell tower located behind Malibu Hall, which has resulted in intermittent AT&T cellular service for mobile devices while on campus.

Additionally, AT&T has noted that cellular services will be unavailable on campus Monday, Aug. 19 for approximately 12 hours or possibly a bit longer.

We appreciate everyone’s patience while AT&T completes their work. Thank you.

Monthly Bulletin - July 2019

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I'm pleased to share our monthly bulletin, which provides a summary of activities & accomplishments for the department of Information Technology Services over the previous month, and what's coming this month.

User Services

  • Attracting and Retaining a Diverse and Talented Staff by interviewing, training, onboarding new student assistants.
  • Improving Operational Excellence by installing a new drop-in computer lab/study space in Bell Tower 1538, and reconfiguring computer science lab Sierra 1242.
  • Enriching Communication, collaboration, and community partnerships by participating and presenting at the Cal State Tech 2019 conference, and by providing student computer usage data to the Dean for its Library Program Review.
  • Enriching Communication and Improving Operational Excellence by helping campus Communications and Marketing complete the installation of 8 new Brightsign Digital Signs, marketed as “Channel Surf.”

Application Services

  • Development, Quality Assurance, and Move to Production completed or scheduled during July 2019:
    • LYNX Academic Scheduling Project - Database Schema and Service Account (Re-Application)
    • MedProctor Interface – User Acceptance Testing and Business Process Definition
    • Student Self-Service Residency Lookup – Development, User Acceptance Testing, and Quality Assurance
    • Smart Planner 10.5 - User Acceptance Testing, and Quality Assurance
  • Database Scripts for the following areas were developed and deployed during July 2019:
    • Admissions (5)
    • Labor Cost Distribution (1)
  • Work continues on the implementation and rollout of Med-Proctor to support the Immunization Records Executive Order from the CO by Shawn Bochat.
  • Work continues on Student Financials Fall configuration activities by Lacey Lovejoy.
  • Cal State Apply 2020-21 Update Preview was deployed to CI Records test by Angela Stockmon
  • Maintenance pack MP 8.01 was deployed for user acceptance testing in CI Records TRS environment 7/29/2019
  • Maintenance pack MP 8.00 was deployed to CI Records and CI Personnel 7/1/2019
  • Application Services continued supporting the following operations and projects:
    • Year End Activities for various BFA departments
    • Student Finance and Student Business Services Training and Support
    • Title IX Interface Re-design
    • LCD Issue Support
    • Med-Proctor Immunizations
    • Migration Operations 


  • Ongoing work upgrading old wireless access points to support newest system software
  • Updated phone charge cost centers to reflect changes in several departments
  • Identifying loose end analog phone service for cost saving measures
  • Ongoing work for S.A.F.E. project
  • Continued Windows Server 2008 upgrades to campus servers including file shares and department application servers
  • Compromised mailbox scan on all staff/faculty mailboxes looking for malicious mail forwarding settings and inbox rules used by phishing scams after compromising accounts
  • Ongoing Duo MFA rollout. We have about 20+ new users.
  • Ongoing SQL Server migration 
  • Ongoing Microsoft 2008 R2 OS migration. We migrated several services already (SCLogic, Student SFTP/HTTP server, Prolog, TutorTrac, Pharos).
  • myCI Authentication service was upgraded from 3.3.1 to 3.4.3 which is more stable
  • Migrated Student Services share off StorSimple

Information Security

  • Work on the fraud case involving CI and Dell continued with participation from Information Security (Carlos Miranda), User Services (Chris Murphy), and various member of campus PD.  The case was closed on CI’s side and Dell continues to implement better controls on their side.
  • Neal Fisch completed the following regular audits:
    • Monthly - Segregation of Duties in PeopleSoft
    • Monthly - System Access vs. Terminated EE’s
    • Quarterly Data Center and Oracle Account Audit
  • Business Email Compromise training completed for Dean’s Office of Arts and Sciences – 7/17
  • 2-factor authentication (2FA) for VPN Users – Rollout to 61 users scheduled for Wednesday 8/7
  • Qualys Scanning was turned over to Information Security from Infrastructure
  • Security Awareness Month activity planning continued
  • Information Security completed and submitted the annual assessment of L1 confidential data on 7/1/2019
  • Neal Fisch attended the CSU Tech Conference 2019 (CalStateTech2019) in San Diego

Project Management

  • Peter Mosinskis led a panel presentation on building digital citizens and technology ambassadors with Dawn Canfield, Tara Hughes, Wendy Olson, and Michael McGarry at the CalStateTech annual conference in San Diego CA.
  • Project to migrate to Adobe Sign has kicked off. 5 training sessions have been held by Adobe support and recorded.
  • Melissa Bergem and Marc Aten attended the StarRez Connect global conference in Denver, in support of HRE’s StarRez Portal X migration project.
  • Prepared and submitted 3 proposals for Strategic Initiative Funding.
  • Testing and refining new project prioritization matrix to support division project prioritization. 
  • Working with Office of the President to develop requirements for document management upgrade.
  • In partnership with T&LI, preparing draft of Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) CSU Addressing Accessibility Requirements Project (CAARP) report and campus accessibility plan update

Web Services

  • ​Launched updated campus events calendar interface, powered by Trumba
  • Launched new “Forgot Your Dolphin Name” service to facilitate student self service on 7/19 As of 8/7, the service has facilitated 192 self-service retrievals of Dolphin User Name and Dolphin ID 
  • Developing administrative interface for myCI to facilitate creation of new services.
  • Developing social media marketing materials for goCI marketing campaign for 2019-20.
  • Completed 82 support tickets.