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Fake Dropbox login page nabs credentials, is hosted on Dropbox

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An email with the subject “important” tells recipients that they must sign into Dropbox in order to view a document too big to be sent via regular email, but clicking on the link included in the message brings people to a fake Dropbox login page that is actually hosted on Dropbox. 

Link to the rest of this SC Magazine article to find out more about this new scam.

Mobile-friendly email, web and myCI changes launch on August 8 and 15

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The Division of Technology & Communication has been working on several updates to email, web and myCI services to provide a more mobile-friendly experience to the CI community.

Beginning at 5pm on Friday, August 8, T&C will begin maintenance to launch an updated web-based version of Microsoft Outlook for employees. Email will be unavailable at various times during the maintenance period (August 8 at 5pm until Sunday, August 10 at 8pm). Please review the Outlook and MyCI preview screenshots PDF for screenshots of the new Outlook interface (for desktop and for mobile devices) to familiarize yourself with the new user interface. Once the maintenance is complete, you may continue access to your email via myCI.

On August 15, CI will launch a more mobile-friendly web site. For background information on this project, please visit:

In addition, myCI will have a new mobile-friendly interface starting on August 15. To prepare for the new look & feel, please familiarize yourself with the new myCI interface as shown in the Outlook and MyCI preview screenshots PDF

The functionality of applications in the "My Links" section of myCI (such as CI Records, CI Learn, etc.) will NOT change as a result of the myCI update. Aside from some minor re-ordering of the modules once you log in, the module names and locations have stayed the same. However, if you have produced documentation using screenshots which describe processes using myCI, please review your process documentation to ensure that it is still appropriate.

The URL for myCI will remain the same; you may still access myCI at

Visitors to the forthcoming CI web site may continue to access myCI from the forthcoming CI homepage by clicking on the “myCI” link at the top of the page (on a smartphone or tablet, this means clicking the menu icon at the top of the page; please see the attached "ci-web-menu-icon" image for reference.)

Please contact Carlos Miranda at or call 805-437-8552 with any questions or concerns about these updates, and thanks for your support in making CI a more mobile-friendly campus. 

CI web site migration - content freeze begins July 15

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The migration of existing web site content to the new CI web site design is scheduled to begin on July 15, 2014, in preparation for the August 15, 2014 go-live of the new site.

Starting on July 15, Web Services shall disable edit access to all CI web sites for all sites in migration phases 1A-1D, including all hosted on View the list of migration phases here:

During this time, all requests for content changes must be sent to the T&C Help Desk at Due to the timing and scope of work required, campus organizations may experience delays in posting updated content during this period. This content freeze is necessary to complete the migration of the new CI web templates.

Web Services team members shall migrate new content to the new site as appropriate, and make adjustments to the design and organization of content within the new site as needed. In addition, Web Services shall apply the new mobile-friendly web site template to all existing pages in the designated migration phase.

Once the initial migration is complete (expected July 22), the Web Services team will then notify the primary website contacts in the phase that the migration is ready for their final review.

Between July 22 and August 5, web site subject matter experts will then check pages/sites to verify that content and interactive elements have migrated as expected, and will report discovered issues via the “Give us your feedback” link at the top of each page. During this period, Web Services shall repair, to the best of its ability, all discovered issues and re-publish them for further review/preview.

From August 6 to August 14, Web Services will perform final pre-launch quality assurance and migration of content.

Between August 14 and August 15, Web Services shall publish all new and updated content for sites in Phases 1A-1D, replacing the old home page and other sites as appropriate.

Upon successful completion of publishing of the migrated sites (on or after August 15), Web Services shall re-enable edit access to new web site content as appropriate. At that time, organizations may resume editing their updated sites and report further discovered issues to the T&C Help Desk for assistance with repair.
For questions relating to specific web pages or sites, please contact Web Services Supervisor Daniel Martinez at
For general questions about the project or the content freeze, please contact Director of IT Strategy Peter Mosinskis at
Thank you for your ongoing support of the web site migration! More information on this project is available on the Web Refresh project web site.

Hackers hit eBay database containing personal info, users asked to change passwords

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EBay is asking users to change their passwords after it was announced yesterday attackers gained unauthorized access to eBay's corporate network, compromising a database containing encrypted passwords and other personal data. Additional information may be found here or on eBay.

Eduroam - Free Access To Secure Wi-Fi At Participating Institutions

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As a participating member of Eduroam, CI students and employees now has the ability to securely access Wi-Fi networks when visiting participating Eduroam campuses free of charge.

There are more than 150 Eduroam campuses in the US and thousands around the world, with new campuses added every week. View a list of participating Eduroam campuses.

When visiting other campuses, students and employees can look for the Eduroam Wi-Fi SSID and use their CI email address and password to join the network. Guests from other Eduroam-participating institutions can connect to CI's Eduroam Wi-Fi network in the same way.

Heartbleed Bug Update

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There has been a lot of news recently regarding the Heartbleed Bug, a security threat that was erroneously introduced into the code of OpenSSL back in late 2011. T&C has determined its critical systems have not been affected by this threat and continue to perform evaluations of its other systems.

Additional information about public services such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. may be found here as well as at other sites on the internet:

Additional information on Heartbleed may be found here:

goCI is here! CI's official mobile app

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After several months of development, we're pleased to announce that goCI, CI's official mobile app, is now available for iOS and Android devices. goCI helps students, employees and campus visitors get fast, easy access to the campus directory, map, events calendar, and much more! Visit the goCI support page to download the free app and to learn about goCI's features.

It's the first version of the app, so there are some bugs that we know about (listed on the goCI support page). Rest assured, we're working closely with our partner Blackboard on fixing these bugs as quickly as possible. If you come across any other problems or have a suggestion for a new feature, feel free to report them using the goCI Mobile Feedback form

Free self-paced technology training from and Atomic Learning

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Did you know that free, self-paced, video-based online technology training is available to CI students and employees? 
Through our partnerships with Atomic Learning and Lynda.comLearn how to use the latest versions of popular software, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, SPSS, web design, and much more, or brush up your skills at any time. 
To get started with this free training, or to browse training titles, click on either of these links:

Camtasia Studio & Snagit Now Available For Campus Computers

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The Division of Technology is pleased to announce that a site license has been obtained for all campus-owned Windows and Mac computers for Camtasia Studio and Camtasia SnagIt.

Camtasia Studio enables users to create and edit high-quality, narrated screen recordings and video demonstrations. Camtasia SnagIt is a screen capture tool.

Over the coming months, these products will be added to the standard software that is delivered on all new campus computers. Individuals and organizations that would like the software ahead of time may
contact the T&C Help Desk at to request expedited installation of either product.

Major Apple security flaw found. Patches issued and should be applied.

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Apple rushed to release iOS 7.0.6 on Friday and OS X 10.9.2 today with patches for a shockingly overlooked SSL encryption issue that leaves iPhone, iPad and Mac computer users open to a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack.  All users of iOS 7 and Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) should download and apply these patches.  The vulnerability is not present in versions of OS X prior to OS X 10.9 Mavericks or iOS prior to iOS 6.

Additonal resources:
For a full listing on the security patches in this update, visit the Apple site.

For a full listing on the security patches in this update, visit the Apple site.

Computer Security and You.

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Scammers, hackers, and identity thieves are looking to steal your personal information – and your money. But there are steps you can take to protect yourself, like keeping your computer software up-to-date and giving out your personal information only when you have a good reason.

Visit our friends at and see what you can do to better protect yourself and your personal information.