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Hackers hit eBay database containing personal info, users asked to change passwords

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EBay is asking users to change their passwords after it was announced yesterday attackers gained unauthorized access to eBay's corporate network, compromising a database containing encrypted passwords and other personal data. Additional information may be found here or on eBay.

Eduroam - Free Access To Secure Wi-Fi At Participating Institutions

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As a participating member of Eduroam, CI students and employees now has the ability to securely access Wi-Fi networks when visiting participating Eduroam campuses free of charge.

There are more than 150 Eduroam campuses in the US and thousands around the world, with new campuses added every week. View a list of participating Eduroam campuses.

When visiting other campuses, students and employees can look for the Eduroam Wi-Fi SSID and use their CI email address and password to join the network. Guests from other Eduroam-participating institutions can connect to CI's Eduroam Wi-Fi network in the same way.