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Monthly Bulletin - August 2018

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I'm pleased to share our monthly bulletin, which provides a summary of activities & accomplishments for the department of Information Technology Services.


  • Completed move from Solano Hall to Lindero 2nd floor & Trinity Halls
  • Launched myCI v3.1 on 8/3, which includes the ability to pin favorite services and search for services. Learn more about myCI 3.1 
  • Installation & configuration of digital signage system for Student Union is in progress.

User Services

  • Coordinated the installation of a new digital signage system (Carousel) in the student union building.  The installation is a pilot for the rest of the campus. 
  • Completed the deployment of 37 new computers to faculty and/or staff as part of the summer refresh effort
  • Upgraded several Mac labs and instructional spaces with new machines or updated software
  • Upgraded 29 Instructor workstations, as well as audio-visual (AV) equipment in Malibu 120, Smith Decision Center 1908, and Napa 1123
  • Installed 4 Promethean Smart Displays for the School of Education
  • Working with campus architects and facilities to define and plan for technician workspace in Trinity Hall.  The plan calls for a space that will greatly facilitate all work performed by the ITCs in their efforts to support the computer lifecycle for all CI user-facing IT equipment.  The space will also serve as a secure area for equipment to be stored, and as is mandated by audit findings.  Deprovisioned hard drives in particular, will be kept secure until they are destroyed.

Application Services

  • Successfully completed installation of Grey Heller ERP Firewall into our test CI Records instance.  Creation and execution of the test plan is scheduled through September as well as documentation and move to production planning. This project overlaps with Information Security.
  • Application Services resolved 62 work order in August (as of this update).


  • Oversaw ongoing repair work on Data Center uninterrupted power supply (UPS2)
  • Moved entire office from Solano Hall to Trinity Hall
  • Assisted with networking setup throughout ITS moves from Solano Hall to Trinity Hall
  • Created scope documents for quote solicitation for moves in Lindero Hall and for Modoc Hall new building
  • Added campus Wi-Fi capabilities to the Follett Bookstore at the Town Center and assisted with completion of Follett Bookstore connection to campus Blackboard server for student purchasing
  • Worked with the Follett bookstore to add point-of-sale (POS) access to CSUCI Blackboard Transact application allowing transactions using DolphinCash tender
  • Updated licenses on license server for multiple campus software
  • Fully cutover our email away from IronPort spam protection and onto Exchange online protection with Office 365
  • Ran through an Active Directory Security assessment and begun work on strengthening security on our Active Directory servers
  • Met with Microsoft on upgrading our Windows Server 2008 servers to a supported Operating system. End-of-life is coming up for 70-80 of our servers in the next year.
  • Configured server portion of the new Carousel digital signage software that will be used on campus
  • Completed SQL database upgrade and migration of two instances
  • Completed single sign-on (SSO) for Follett
  • Continued with migration of databases from beach\it_apps to a newer server
  • Worked with Josh Magana to add an AT3000 device for Meal Donation program at Islands CafĂ©

Information Security

  • CI hosted Palo Alto Networks to review current firewall and security tool configuration, as well as ways to boost usage and utilization
  • Carlos Miranda continues to address campus reported phishing email attempts
  • Carlos Miranda completed installation and setup of Spirion, the leading provider of enterprise data management software to help businesses reduce their sensitive data footprint and proactively minimize the risks, costs and reputational damage of successful cyberattacks, which will be replacing our current Identity Finder product.
  • Neal Fisch completed the following regular audits:
    • Monthly - Segregation of Duties in PeopleSoft
    • Monthly - System Access vs. Terminated EE’s
  • Preparing to increase pilot group for DUO 2-Step (multi-factor) authentication and roll in participants from Finance.
  • Met with SADA Systems and Infrastructure Technology team supporting CI’s new Exchange Online environment to discuss fine tuning of delivered security functionality
  • Continued work with User Services on encryption project and scheduling for rollout
  • Beginning CI’s annual Security and Data Risk Assessment (confidential data) to be turned in to the CO in December
  • Information Security resolved 79 work orders in August (as of this update).

Project Management

  • Closed the fall 2018 major project review submission period. Submitted project requests are currently under review by ITS. Learn more about the project review process.
  • Closed projects for ID Card Printer upgrade, Orgsync migration, and Migration of Microsoft Exchange to Azure/Office365 
  • Kicked off ESM Campus Marketplace project and Ecovox Energy Management System projects

Web Services

  • Launched myCI v3.1 on 8/3, which includes the ability to pin favorite services and search for services. Learn more about myCI 3.1 
  • Deployed new social media campaign on 8/22 for goCI mobile application for fall 2018, in collaboration with Communication & Marketing
  • Launched redesigned Center for Multicultural Engagement web site
  • Due to ongoing search quality issues with Chancellor's Office sponsored SearchBlox search appliance, Web Services began development of an alternative search system using Google Custom search. 

Welcome to Fall 2018! Summary of summer 2018 changes

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Thank you & welcome to the fall 2018 semester! I'm pleased to share a quick recap of important changes that occurred to CSUCI's technology organization, location, systems and services over summer 2018:

…T&I is now ITS! The Division of Technology & Innovation is now the department of Information Technology Services (ITS), reporting to the Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs Ysabel Trinidad. The Teaching & Learning Innovations team, under the leadership of Associate Vice Provost for Innovation and Faculty Development Jill Leafstedt, now reports to Provost Geoff Chase. 

...The ITS leadership team has changed. Peter Mosinskis is the interim AVP for Information Technology Services. Peter remains responsible for the Project Management and Web Services teams. Peter’s leadership team includes Herb Aquino, Director of Technology Infrastructure (Herb manages networking, wireless, servers, telecommunication, email, & the Solution Center); Dawn Canfield, Manager of User Services (Dawn manages desktop technical support, lab and classroom audio/visual support); and Neal Fisch, Director of Enterprise Services & Security (Neal manages Peoplesoft development and operations, and information security programs).

...ITS moved from Solano (and other areas) to Lindero Hall 2nd floor and Trinity Halls. About 30 IT staff members have moved from Solano Hall, or Del Norte, or the Bell Tower to new spaces in Lindero and Trinity Hall. If you look for someone in their old office and don’t find them, don’t worry, they’re still here! Please check the campus directory for their new location.

...ITS has a new self-service help portal. The IT Solution Center portal can be accessed through myCI (or by visiting

...myCI now has the ability to add favorites and search for services. Learn more about myCI v3.1

...ITS is piloting new kind of self-service printing system called Wepa. A Wepa printer is on loan from Wepa for the Fall semester and anyone may test it. It is currently located in Broome Library 1350 and configured to use single sign on. It can also integrate with some of our other CI cloud services like CI Docs (Google Docs) and Dropbox@CI. You can learn more about testing the print station from one of the friendly technicians in the library’s Solution Center Service Desk area, or visit the Wepa web site to learn more.

...ITS has performed many upgrades in our computer labs and classrooms. Most computers in our PC classrooms and labs are now running Windows 10 and Office 2016. Many rooms have new computers, too. Notably, the instructor stations in the Del Norte classrooms are small form factor computers that are mounted behind the computer monitor. These computers do not have CD/DVD drives installed. If you anticipate needing to use an optical drive for CDs or DVDs you may contact the Solution Center to borrow an external drive.

...ITS has implemented a new spam filtering system (Microsoft Exchange Online Protection) to further protect our campus email systems from malicious email. Click here to request help with spam filtering can now subscribe to receive ITS news updates by email here, or read news updates and subscribe on the ITS News blog

Need Help?
Visit the IT Solution Center portal (accessible through myCI), or call 805-437-8552.

Monthly Bulletin - July 2018

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Our monthly bulletin provides a summary of activities & accomplishments for the department of Information Technology Services.


  • Transition of our organization's name to Information Technology Services (ITS), new leadership team and organization structure. Read more at:
  • Initiated move of 31 ITS employees from Solano Hall and several remote campus locations to shared spaces in Lindero 2nd floor and Trinity Halls
  • Five ITS employees led five presentation and panel sessions at the 2018 Cal State Tech conference in Sacramento CA
  • Launch of TeamDynamix self-service web portal and ticket management system to replace TrackIT

User Services

  • Installed Wepa print kiosk station in Broome Library Help Desk area as part of self-service printing pilot project.  We have configured, and are testing single-sign on capabilities and general performance.  Any university member may test the Wepa station.  Start by logging in and uploading a file.  No need to create an account; select “Channel Islands” as your school and use your CI credentials.
  • User Services technicians transitioned to the new ticketing system and are managing work in the IT Solution Center.
  • Requests for software in the computer labs were due July 16.  Labs and classrooms have been reconfigured for Windows 10 with a few exceptions, which will be addressed throughout the fall semester.
  • Supported special technology needs for several summer conference groups as requested.

Application Services

  • Officially closed the CI Records Upgrade and Split Project with closure meeting.
  • Held kickoff meeting for Grey Heller ERP Firewall for PeopleSoft.  The ERP Firewall will help CI to better track and log activities within CI Records, and CI Personnel to better address auditing and security issues.  This project overlaps with Information Security.
  • Team attended TeamDynamix training and are actively utilizing the new features for issue logging and tracking.


  • Upgraded software on Clearpass server
  • Added data cables to Lindero 2nd floor to facilitate office moves 
  • Assisted with the network and analog phone service provisioning for office moves of ITS and others.
  • Oversaw addition of emergency alert buttons in CAPS suite
  • Started the migration of SQL cluster berm/dune to new VM environment to remove from older cx3-40 storage and older servers. Will need to finalize and test this and next month.
  • Assisted with the final cutover to TeamDynamix from Track-It!
  • Pedro Rivas and Juan Rios assisted Kevin Craig with myCI cutover
  • Decommissioned IronPort spam quarantine and fully cut over to exchange online for mail

Information Security

  • Officially closed the CI Records Upgrade and Split Project with closure meeting
  • Held kickoff meeting for Grey Heller ERP Firewall for PeopleSoft.  The ERP Firewall will help CI to better track and log activities within CI Records and CI Personnel to better address auditing and security issues.  This project overlaps with Information Security.
  • Team attended TeamDynamix training and are actively utilizing the new features for issue logging and tracking.

Project Management

  • Launched TeamDynamix self-service web portal for IT and service request/incident reporting system to replace TrackIT on 7/26/2018. Over the course of the fall 2018 term, IT will migrate any remaining campus organizations using TrackIT to TeamDynamix.
  • Opened the fall 2018 major project review cycle, for projects scheduled to begin (or continue) in spring 2019. More information at
  • Completed project closures for ID Card printer project, PeopleSoft HCM/CS Split, Mariposa IPV web site and Kuder Journey projects.

Web Services

  • Completed mandatory migration to SearchBlox for web search (Chancellor’s Office decommissioned Google Search Appliance due to end-of-life)
  • Completed web site name changes from Division of Technology & Innovation to Information Technology Services, and replacement of Help Desk text and contact information with Solution Center for TeamDynamix launch. 
  • Launched Library site update to integrate with existing University digital brand and responsive, mobile-friendly template:
  • Added subscription capabilities to ITS News blog and Web Services blog.

Pardon our dust...we're moving!

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In case you haven't heard, in preparation for the fall term, Information Technology Services (ITS) is moving from Solano Hall 2nd floor to Lindero Hall and Trinity Hall. 

In collaboration with colleagues in Facilities Services, as of 5PM today we've completed approximately 50% of our move. Most of our furniture has been moved, and about 1/2 of our equipment has been moved and is ready to be set up again. 

The majority of ITS teams, including Application Services, Information Security, Project Management, most of User Services and Web Services, as well as the entire IT leadership team, are moving into the 2nd floor of Lindero Hall. We expect the move to be completed in the next few days. Our Infrastructure team has moved into an adjacent shared workspace in Trinity Hall. 

The Solution Center call center will remain in Solano Hall 2nd floor until a suitable workspace is prepared on the first floor of Lindero Hall this fall. Please be aware that students, faculty and staff seeking in-person assistance with campus technology issues should visit Solution Center support desk at Broome Library 1350 during regular Library hours. 

Our close partners in technology Teaching & Learning Innovations (T&LI) remain in Solano Hall.  The Faculty Innovations in Teaching (FIT) Studio and Teaching & Learning Innovations staff offices are located in Solano Hall on first and second floors respectively; please contact Jill Leafstedt ( with any questions. 

Thank you for your support and patience as we complete this move to make room for additional faculty- and student-centered workspaces in Solano Hall, Del Norte Hall and the Bell Tower. ITS expects to resume full operating capacity later this week once the remainder of the move is completed. 

As always, you may call the IT Solution Center at 805-437-8552 to request technology support or to report problems, or visit the IT Solution Center self-service portal for 24-7 assistance. 

myCI 3.1 launches this evening

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We're pleased to announce that we will be launching a new minor update to myCI (MyCI 3.1) this evening (Friday, August 3, 2018).

Since the release of myCI 3.0 this spring, the Web Services team has continued to develop enhancements to improve ease-of-use and personalization of the myCI experience for students, faculty and staff. Highlights of myCI v3.1 include:

  • Ability to add favorites services to your “Pinned Services” section and change their order
  • Search for myCI services by name or description
  • Move of “My Apps” functions to the Account menu

To access a preview of the upcoming release, visit: and login using your Dolphin Name & Password.

Once you’re logged in, please use the “Leave Feedback” button to share your impressions or to let us know about any bugs that you find. We’re always looking for ideas for how to make myCI better than ever, so please let us know what we can do to improve your experience using myCI.

You can also view the myCI 3.1 release notes for the latest updates.

Please contact the ITS Solution Center at 805-437-8552 or email with any questions about these forthcoming changes.