Pardon our dust...we're moving!

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In case you haven't heard, in preparation for the fall term, Information Technology Services (ITS) is moving from Solano Hall 2nd floor to Lindero Hall and Trinity Hall. 

In collaboration with colleagues in Facilities Services, as of 5PM today we've completed approximately 50% of our move. Most of our furniture has been moved, and about 1/2 of our equipment has been moved and is ready to be set up again. 

The majority of ITS teams, including Application Services, Information Security, Project Management, most of User Services and Web Services, as well as the entire IT leadership team, are moving into the 2nd floor of Lindero Hall. We expect the move to be completed in the next few days. Our Infrastructure team has moved into an adjacent shared workspace in Trinity Hall. 

The Solution Center call center will remain in Solano Hall 2nd floor until a suitable workspace is prepared on the first floor of Lindero Hall this fall. Please be aware that students, faculty and staff seeking in-person assistance with campus technology issues should visit Solution Center support desk at Broome Library 1350 during regular Library hours. 

Our close partners in technology Teaching & Learning Innovations (T&LI) remain in Solano Hall.  The Faculty Innovations in Teaching (FIT) Studio and Teaching & Learning Innovations staff offices are located in Solano Hall on first and second floors respectively; please contact Jill Leafstedt ( with any questions. 

Thank you for your support and patience as we complete this move to make room for additional faculty- and student-centered workspaces in Solano Hall, Del Norte Hall and the Bell Tower. ITS expects to resume full operating capacity later this week once the remainder of the move is completed. 

As always, you may call the IT Solution Center at 805-437-8552 to request technology support or to report problems, or visit the IT Solution Center self-service portal for 24-7 assistance. 

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  1. In teamwork with generations in amenities services, as of 5PM nowadays we've finished about 50% of our change. Most of our furniture has remained moved, and around 1/2 of our gear has been enthused and is prepared to be set up over.

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