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Security Awareness Tip of the Day!

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If you get up from your computer, lock it!

"I sent an email to your boss letting him know what you really think of him". This Notepad message was on my screen when I got back to my cubicle after getting up to stretch my legs. What? I had been gone for 180 seconds -- three quick minutes. Lucky for me, the note turned out to be from our systems administrator who wanted to make a point. All it takes is about one minute for a disgruntled colleague to send a message on your behalf to the boss and there is no way for you to prove you didn't send it. In about 30 seconds, a cracker could install a keystroke logger to capture everything you type including company secrets, user names and passwords. In about 15 seconds, a passerby could delete all your documents.

Welcome to the new T&C Site!

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We are thrilled to be launching the new Technology & Communication web site! It's been a long time coming. Thanks to Ryan, Kevin, Daniel, Peter, and everyone else who contributed. We worked hard not just to make it beautiful, but to make sure you can find the information you need as easily as possible. Let us know - what do you think? You can drop me a line at

Interested in Teaching & Learning with Technology?

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Jill Leafstedt started a "Scoop It" page on the topic of "Teaching and Learning with Technology" It's a place where she is posting links to interesting articles and other resources related to this topic. I'm also contributing items to the page. If this is a topic that is of interest to you, take a look!

"Who Needs a Data Center?"

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I'm presenting a webinar today entitled "Who Needs a Data Center? A Mixed Strategy for Cloud Migration in Higher Education." Take a look, live or archived!