Migration from Docusign to Adobe Sign

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In order to manage service costs and enable wider use of electronic signature and "paperless" processes, the Division of Business and Financial Affairs (BFA) has selected Adobe Sign to replace Docusign as an electronic signature tool. Adobe Sign provides comparable (or improved) functionality to Docusign at a fraction of the cost. Because of the advantage in pricing, we have been able to secure a much broader license that will allow for use not only with BFA forms but for electronic signature processes across campus.

An initial step in the change from Docusign to Adobe Sign will be to migrate the existing forms included in DocuSign over to Adobe Sign. Information Technology Services (ITS) will be assisting with this migration, which will occur in two phases over the 2019-20 fiscal year. Phase 1 of the migration project will focus on migrating high-volume/high-impact forms from Docusign to Adobe Sign. These key processes represent 70-80% of CSUCI's existing transaction volume in Docusign. Once Phase 1 is complete, Phase 2 will begin, where migration of remaining forms is expected to take place. At the same time Phase 2 is occurring, ITS will be working with representatives from across campus to enable use of Adobe Sign with forms and workflows across all divisions.

Please be aware that BFA is suspending the onboarding of new Docusign forms effective immediately. Existing Docusign form creators/senders may continue to send forms and operate existing workflows, but we ask that you limit or postpone the development of new forms or workflows within Docusign.

ITS, in conjunction with BFA’s Docusign administrator, is scheduling information sessions about the Adobe Sign migration (invitations are forthcoming); we strongly encourage each of you to attend these sessions to learn more about the migration process. ITS and other BFA staff members are currently completing "train-the-trainers" training and assembling training materials in preparation for the Phase 1 migration.

Please contact Peter Mosinskis, Director of IT Strategy, at peter.mosinskis@csuci.edu, or Nathan Bowden, Director of Strategic Operations at nathan.bowden@csuci.edu with any questions or concerns about this migration. Feel free to share this email with other colleagues that may be interested in these platforms.

Thank you for your continued effort to improve efficiency and to create a more streamlined, paperless environment at CSUCI, and we look forward to a smooth and successful transition to Adobe Sign.