Call for Proposals: Adobe Creative Cloud Grant

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Call for Proposals: CSU+Adobe Using Creative Cloud to Foster Digital Literacies  

Adobe is providing $50,000 in the 2020-2021 academic year to support the use of the Creative Cloud in the classroom, in partnership with the CSU Chancellor’s Office. We are soliciting proposals from faculty and staff for projects and efforts that can be piloted in Spring 2021. Proposals can request funds that fit the proposal, from $1000 for individual projects, $3000-$5000 for campus initiatives, up to $10,000 for multi-campus collaborations. We are seeking proposals with the goals of:

  • Building faculty capacity in integrating digital tools in the curricula.
  • Developing students’ knowledge and skills in digital storytelling, visual design, data visualization, video production, and other media through the use of Creative Cloud.
  • Nurturing digital fluencies in students across the disciplines, particularly in general education and lower division courses.
  • Developing use cases of and open learning content for the use of Creative Cloud.

Proposals are due October 7th by 11:00pm. Complete this form to submit. 

The CO is hosting an informational session on the application process and successful projects on Sep 23, 2020 at noon.  Register in advance for this meeting.

Questions may be directed to