Monthly Bulletin - May 2020

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I'm pleased to share our bulletin, which provides a summary of activities & accomplishments for the department of Information Technology Services during May 2020.

User Services

  • Three staff members were reassigned from User Services to Security and student assistants have been reduced from 6 to 2.  Helped onboard, train, and transfer a student assistant to the Application Services team.
  • In collaboration with the Library, a hotspot loaner program has been developed and the Library will announce its readiness to manage it soon
  • Additional forms have been created in Adobe Sign
  • Additional software has been added to the CIVL Virtual Lab for summer session and in preparation for the Fall term
  • Supported users in migrating their data from Dropbox to OneDrive
  • Encouraged and assisted with Zoom updates for users, which will allow them to take advantage of enhanced security features.  Also encouraged and facilitated Windows OS updates.
  • Continued to provide or exchange loaner laptops for faculty and staff as needed
  • Provided user training or orientation for OneDrive and Teams
  • Participated in ongoing security audit analysis and related process improvement
  • Participated in reviews of necessary patch management software
  • Upgraded AV in several classrooms
  • Worked with facilities to prepare Trinity Hall storage area for use
  • Assisted executives with orientation and use of the CSU’s secure data transfer tool
  • Assisted Auxiliary Services with a review of shared MFPs
  • Contributed to the BFA newsletter, The Companion
  • Provided technical support for the President’s Staff Forum

Application Services

  • Development, Testing, Quality Assurance, and Move to Production completed or scheduled during April 2020:
    • Duo Interface for Direct Deposit – Move to Production in CI Records
    • Security Navigation Generation - Move to Production in CI Records
    • IVO Completion Interface – Principle Development
    • Engage Interface – Principle Development
    • Parchment Upgrade  - Principle Development
    • EAB Implementation Support – CO Unit Logic Error Analysis
  • Database Scripts for the following areas were developed and deployed during January 2019:
    • Admissions – Academic Plans Codes
    • Student Records – Student Groups Cleanup
    • Student Financials – StarRez Interface Staging Cleanup
  • Work continues on the mandated CI Records, CI Personnel, CI Financials PeopleTools 8.57 Upgrades.
  • The Follow Maintenance was performed:
    • Maintenance pack MP 11.03 was migrated to CI Records Testing
  • The Following Data Warehouse and Institutional Reporting Activity took place during April 2020
    • COVID19 Commencement Survey Analysis Began
    • Admit Hub ChatBot Data Integration into Data Warehouse
    • Data warehouse operational work for Student Affairs and Academic Affairs
    • Sunset of SAAS Analytics Platform
    • Power BI Data Reporting Proof of Concepts Began
  • Application Services continued supporting the following operations and projects:
    • Perceptive Content Retention Policy Manager Vendor Information Sessions
    • CARES Refunding Process
    • Student Financials Fee Configuration
    • Identity and Access Management Support
    • CFS Related Support of BFA Operations
    • Data Warehouse Operations
    • APDB Data Issue Research


  • Installed new phone system hardware:  2 Cisco servers, 2 Cisco voice routers, 2 Cisco analog voice gateways
  • Configuration of new phone system hardware to match existing setups
  • Migrated off of old Cisco VoIP phone system to the new hardware with much newer version of the Call Manager Software
  • Tested all migrated phone system components
  • Installed and did basic configuration on new network border firewall devices
  • Ongoing management of campus SAFE project
  • Provided support to staff, faculty and employees for access to CI resources and applications
  • Involved with other staff in identifying and commencing search for photo submission application – MyPhoto
  • Worked with Advising\Tutoring Centers to update student and course information for import to their department application for summer session

Information Security

  • DUO for Students successfully implemented.
    • CSUCI is now 100% MFA required for myCI applications and the 1st in the CSU to have this required control in place
  • Continued work on refining scanning process for servers and workstation using Qualys
  • Held class through CSUCI’s Professional Development department titled “Computer Security Tips- Working from Home”
  • Submitted articles for the News Center for May
    • May 20, 2020 : Fake jobs offered via Zoom and text message
  • Aruba VPN users all migrated to PAN Global Protect VPN.
  • Resolved 76 work orders
    • 26 Phishing
    • 34 Misc. Information Security Requests
    • 11 PeopleSoft Security
    • 5 MFA
  • Audit observation remediation continues.
    • Successfully completed migrations of the following 3rd party software from JAMF for computers that were connected via VPN:
      • Adobe Flash
      • Zoom updates
      • Google Chrome
      • Firefox
  • Continued with scheduled internal quarterly and monthly internal assessments for:
    • CI Records, CI Personnel, and CI Financials
    • Unisys Data Center
    • PeopleSoft Oracle Accounts
    • Segregation of Duties
  • Assisted Commencement team with security review of StageClip
  • Information Security support and discussion for Adobe Sign project related to PII containing forms
  • Monthly CSU ISAC and ISAC EC meetings

Project Management

  • On May 11, successfully completed upgrade of TeamDynamix to v11.1. Release notes are available at
  • Providing project support for Duo for Students; CARES and Direct Deposit; Early Childhood Education center planning; Emergency Preparedness; Dropbox migration to OneDrive; CI Fileflow retention policy manager implementation
  • Work continues on the BP Logix business process automation proof of concept for the CSU.
  • Project management and support for Fall Planning Task Force (
  • Working on campus authorization for electronic and digital signature, in alignment with CSU policy.
  • Coordinate AWS grant review and submission to the Chancellor’s Office.
  • Resolved 15 IT procurement requests

Web Services

  • ​Continuing to work with DSA on migration of content to new content management infrastructure and resolution of known issues.
  • Continuing to evaluate SiteImprove, Monsido, and Blackboard Ally in support of accessibility scanning and remediation efforts for non-HTML documents.
  • Resolved 58 service requests

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  1. I'm glad to read this bulletin, which provides a summary of activities & accomplishments for the department of Information Technology Services during May 2020.

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