HyFlex-Capable Classrooms Coming Soon *Updated*

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Dear Colleagues,

In an effort to provide creative ways to allow for remote instruction, ITS is exploring options where a hybrid flexible or HyFlex course format could be supported.

Five rooms that will be used for F2F (face to face) instruction for the Fall will have cameras, microphones and speakers installed which will allow in-person or online class attendance.   By utilizing permanently installed equipment and remote communication tools like Zoom or Teams, instructors will have the ability to interact with students whether they be physically on campus or remote.

The hardware needed for this solution will be brand new to CSUCI, but should integrate well with our existing computers and the control panels with which instructors are already familiar.  Equipment in these rooms should be fully operational by 9/25/20.  These rooms will be "proof of concept" rooms and will provide two slightly different equipment sets.  Faculty use of these rooms and input on them can greatly inform future purchases and installations.

The rooms identified for HyFlex are:

  • ALISO Hall 133 ----- Basic HyFlex (9/21: final configuration/calibration and testing)
  • ALISO Hall 134 ----- Level 1 HyFlex (9/25: installing document cameras, final room configuration)
  • ALISO Hall 231 ----- Level 1 HyFlex (9/25: installing document cameras, final room configuration)
  • ALISO Hall 234 ----- Basic HyFlex  (9/21: final configuration/calibration and testing)
  • SIERRA Hall 1344 ----- Basic HyFlex (9/21: final configuration/calibration and testing)

The main difference between Basic and Level 1 HyFlex is that Basic HyFlex rooms will have a single camera focused on the instructor and a ceiling mounted mic that will pickup the instructor's voice.  The Level 1 HyFlex will have cameras that the instructor can control and mics that will pickup sound in the room from instructors and students.

This is one of several efforts we are working on to help support remote instruction needs.  We are working closely with vendors and suppliers to expedite equipment purchases as quickly as possible, and will make another announcement when these rooms are ready for testing and use.

Thank you for your patience.