Monthly Bulletin - June 2020

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I'm pleased to share the ITS monthly bulletin, which provides a summary of activities & accomplishments for the department of Information Technology Services over the past month. Stay healthy and safe everyone!

User Services

  • In support of virtual instruction, we have received digital recording equipment for testing by faculty.  Any faculty member may borrow a “kit” that includes a camera, tripod, mic and lights.  Please contact Dawn Canfield for more information.
  • In support of virtual learning, we are working with the library to build up an inventory of loaner laptops for students. We are training staff now on how to prepare these computers.  The library will announce this increased inventory of loaners by mid-August.
  • To address the need for recording or streaming video in classrooms we have reached out to vendor partners for quotes or RFPs for the purchase and installation of appropriate equipment.
  • In order to continuously improve abilities for remote technical support we have reevaluated TeamViewer and Dameware remote support tools and included more staff in demonstrations and training on the tools.
  • In partnership with our Professional Development department we have offered additional OneDrive training sessions and created custom training materials and resources for them.
  • We are evaluating and testing patch management software solutions to help keep software installations current and compliant.

Application Services

  • Development, Testing, Quality Assurance, and Move to Production completed or scheduled during June 2020:
    • IVO Completion Interface – Principle Development Completed, End-to-End Testing Started
    • Engage Interface – Principle Development Continues
    • Parchment Upgrade  - Principle Development Completed, End-to-End Testing Started
    • EAB Implementation Support – CO Unit Logic Error Principle Development Started
    • Transition of Web Applications from Freevo to .Net Core - Principle Development
    • Santa Rosa Island Web Application – Requirements Analysis
  • Database Scripts for the following areas were developed and deployed during June 2020:
    • Student Financials – Re-apply payment contracts
  • Work continues on the mandated CI Records, CI Personnel, CI Financials PeopleTools 8.57 Upgrades.
  • The Follow Maintenance was performed:
    • Maintenance pack MP 11.03 was migrated to CI Records
    • Maintenance pack MP 12 was migrated to CI Records and CI Personnel Testing
    • Maintenance pack MP 12.01 was migrated to CI Records Testing
  • The Following Data Warehouse and Institutional Reporting Activity took place during June 2020
    • COVID19 Commencement Survey Analysis Complete
    • Data Warehouse On Premise Migration Testing
    • Data warehouse operational work for BFA, Student Affairs and Academic Affairs
    • Power BI Data Reporting Proof of Concepts Continue
  • Application Services continued supporting the following operations and projects:
    • Year End Support for BFA
    • AWS Hybrid Cloud Project
    • CARES Refunding Process
    • Retention Policy Manager Logic Updates
    • Student Financials Fee Configuration
    • Identity and Access Management Support
    • CFS Related Support of BFA Operations
    • Data Warehouse Operations


  • Installed new phone system hardware:  2 Cisco servers, 2 Cisco voice routers, 2 Cisco analog voice gateways
  • Configuration of new phone system hardware to match existing setups
  • Migrated off old Cisco VoIP phone system to the new hardware with much newer version of the Call Manager Software
  • Tested all migrated phone system components
  • Installed and did basic configuration on new network border firewall devices
  • Ongoing management of campus SAFE project
  • Provide support to staff, faculty and employees for access to CI resources and applications
  • Involved with other staff in identifying and commencing search for photo submission application – MyPhoto
  • Worked with Advising\Tutoring Centers to update student and course information for import to their department application for summer session

Information Security

  • Continued work on refining scanning process for servers and workstation using Qualys
  • Information Security held training with Police for incoming students this as part of online orientation
  • Audit observation remediation continues
  • Continued with scheduled internal quarterly and monthly internal assessments for:
    • CI Records, CI Personnel, and CI Financials
    • Unisys Data Center
    • PeopleSoft Oracle Accounts
    • Segregation of Duties
  • Monthly CSU ISAC and ISAC EC meetings
  • Resolved 52 work orders

Project Management

  • Adobe Sign: Successfully completed deactivation of CSUCI DocuSign account. Worked on electronic signature authorization approval and review by stakeholders in Business & Financial Affairs. Led Adobe Sign Collaborative working group meeting, and Adobe Sign Office hours session.
  • Completed final report for CSU multi-campus business process automation at scale innovation grant project. More information is available in the CalStateTech Slack channel:
  • Closed AWS innovation grant project with Environmental Science and Resource Management (ESRM)
  • Restarting online photo submission project: worked on product evaluation and completed reference interviews for MyPhoto product
  • Completed IT project portfolio review meetings with Division Project Coordinators for 3 divisions
  • Completed testing of TeamDynamix ticket cleanup/reassignment scripts with ITS Infrastructure. 207 tickets were updated in 30 minutes.
  • Work continues in support of Early Childhood Education center proposal, Dropbox to OneDrive migration, Rocket Trubiquity document management system upgrade
  • Resolved 37 IT procurement requests

Web Services


    • Congratulations to Kiki Patsch and the Environmental Science and Resource Management program, which received Amazon Web Services (AWS) $50,000 in AWS credits from the CSU Chancellors Office and Amazon for their proposal "Leveling the Computing Playing Field" 

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    1. Congratulations to Kiki Patsch and the Environmental Science and Resource Management program, which received Amazon Web Services (AWS) $50,000 in AWS credits from the CSU Chancellors Office and Amazon for their proposal "Leveling the Computing Playing Field"

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