Monthly Bulletin - December 2019

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I'm pleased to share the December 2019 monthly bulletin, which provides a summary of activities & accomplishments for the department of Information Technology Services for that period.

User Services

  • Along with ITS Infrastructure, provided technical support coverage for the second “on-line only” EU Winter Session.  Customized assistance was given in preparing course websites and technical documentation in advance of the term.  Provided an “on call” technician to address problems reported with access or use of the course websites. 
  • Shepherded the ordering and delivery of 200 new Dell computers specified in the 2019/2020 MSFT plan.
  • Coordinated the acquisition but not purchase of LabView software for our Computer Science department.
  • Along with Academic Affairs, reviewed options for classroom technology that take advantage of the Microsoft Teams platform and Microsoft Surface products currently deployed at sister campus CSUSM.

Application Services

  • Development, Testing, Quality Assurance, and Move to Production completed or scheduled during December 2019:
    • Schedule Planner In App Registration – Move to Production in CI Records
    • Parchment Upgrade – Move to Production in CI Records
    • Checklist Processor Version 2 – Move to Production in CI Records
    • Plan Sequence Auto-Update – Move to Production in CI Records
    • Diploma Extract (retro-fit) - Move to Production in CI Records
  • Database Scripts for the following areas were developed and deployed during December 2019:
    • Admissions (1)
  • Work continues on the mandated CI Records, CI Personnel, CI Financials PeopleTools 8.57 Upgrades.
  • Work continues on the mandated CI Records, CI Personnel Oracle12cR2 Database Upgrade.
  • Work continues on support of the StarRez Portal X Integration with Student Financials and Cashnet
  • Maintenance pack MP 10.0 was placed in CI Records Quality Assurance
  • Application Services continued supporting the following operations and projects:
    • Monthly LCD Issue Support
    • Electronic Document Management Retention Policy
    • Identity and Access Management Support
    • Migration Operations


  • Upgraded Aruba Clearpass devices
  •  Continued to migrate Windows Server 2008R2 servers to newer versions
  •  Worked with Environmental Health & Safety to determine possible locations for second air quality sensor
  •  Participated in interview for Director of Planning, Design & Construction job search
  •  Reviewed final set of construction drawings for Manzanita Hall for final sign off
  •  Worked with Police Department on planning for Rapid Deploy and Next Gen 911 projects
  •  Ongoing work with Facilities, Police, IT and JOC Contractor on campus SAFE project (Emergency Preparedness Enhancements (EPE))
  • Audited and removed unused network translations for decommissioned systems
  • Finalized estimates for telecom refresh
  • Finalized estimates for wireless infrastructure retrofits
  • Removed servers Scavenge and Scapegoat
  • Turned off old CX340 storage area network (SAN)
  • Turned off old Cisco test UCS
  • Completed SQL Server migrations

Information Security

  • Completed rollout of Duo multi-factor authentication to all faculty and staff between.  Ongoing intermittent work orders related to token distribution and new phone setups continue to stream in. Current statistics include: All Employee Adoption at 91% as of 01/15/2020
  • Continued conversations with Student Affairs regarding communication with students for upcoming rollout of Duo for Students next term.
  • In collaboration with Student Information Systems, continued the security audit of CI Records security.
    • New custom security database views have been created and tested and are waiting to migrated to CI Records.
  • Continued to work with Infrastructure on Email and Endpoint improvements.
    • CI’s proof of concept with Proofpoint continues.
  • Continued to work with User Services and Infrastructure on physical asset identification and management.
  • Continued support of Windows 10 upgrades.
  • Continued its planning efforts around phishing awareness which includes:
    • Rolling out Cofense’s PhishMe phishing awareness product
    • Creation of new Phish Bowl/Phish Tank repository and website for anything phishing related
    • Updating of the Information Security Phishing web presence.
  • Coninued refinements to vulnerability scanning schedules
  • Information Security will be starting a CO Information Security Audit in January that will run through early March.  ITS staff and CI’s internal auditor will be closely with CO auditor’s and National Guardsmen during the course of this event.

Project Management

  • Provided support and coordination for Environmental Science and Resource Management (ESRM) for their Chancellor's Office Amazon Web Services grant and cloud computing pilot for spring 2020
  • Closure of project to implement TeamDynamix for Shared Services Solution Center/Human Resources.
  • ESM campus marketplace: created presentation and communication collateral
  • Support for Emergency Preparedness Enhancements (EPE) meeting
  • Adobe Sign: meet with Adobe representatives to discuss migration next steps. Work with ITS infrastructure to complete user provisioning in preparation for migration.
  • Business Process Automation Proof of Concept (BP Logix): lead demonstration for VP BFA and members of BFA leadership team. Development on pilot forms continues, along with training and coordination.
  • Support for You@College configuration tasks

Web Services

  • Research on intranet concepts and meeting with CSU Monterey Bay to discuss intranet and team support structure.
  • Updated User Experience web site on Web Services:
  • Web Accessibility & Quality project: Completed procurement of SiteImprove, Monsido, and Blackboard Ally for Web, and began configuration of platforms.
  • Worked on CI Alert interface update
  • Worked on Island View Orientation (IVO) system updates
  • Hiring of 2 new student assistants (Tyler Yere and Salvador Salgado)

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