Monthly Bulletin - January 2020

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I'm pleased to share our monthly bulletin, which provides a summary of activities & accomplishments for the department of Information Technology Services over the past month.

User Services

  • Completed installation of 160 new computers for students in areas of Broome Library and Sierra Hall, as well as 27 instructor computers in various classrooms
  • Received second MSFT order of approximately 200 computers to refresh several classrooms and computer labs.
  • Completed the upgrade and reconfiguration of LabStats.  Worked with Web Services team to reconfigure “lab find” to display available workstations on the web
  • Completed research for Extended University on visitation software (Microsoft Bookings) to help manage appointments with constituents
  • Presented an option for potential new classroom AV equipment with the configuration of a “Proof of Concept” classroom
  • Assisted in the completion of Housing’s StarRez upgrade

Application Services

  • Development, Testing, Quality Assurance, and Move to Production completed or scheduled during January 2019:
    • AIMs Interface Update - Move to Production in CI Records
    • Perceptive Content Retention Policy Manager Reports  - Move to Production in CI Records
    • AIMs Class Sync for Student – Principal Development Started
  • Database Scripts for the following areas were developed and deployed during January 2019:
    • Admissions (7)
  • Work continues on the mandated CI Records, CI Personnel, CI Financials PeopleTools 8.57 Upgrades.
  • Work continues on the mandated CI Records, CI Personnel Oracle12cR2 Database Upgrade.
  • Work continues on support of the StarRez Portal X Integration with Student Financials and Cashnet
  • Maintenance pack MP 10.1 was placed in CI Records Quality Assurance
  • Application Services continued supporting the following operations and projects:
    • Monthly LCD Issue Support
    • Student Financials Fee Configuration
    • Identity and Access Management Support
    • Migration Operations
    • OpenGov Re-Implementation – Requirements Gathering
    • PMB Parking Interface – Requirements Gathering


  • Continued Windows Server 2008R2 migrations
  • Upgraded the CommVault hyperscale appliance to latest version Hyperscale 1.5 which included enhancements and critical updates on security, integrity and reliability
  • Commissioned IP speaker system at Broome Library and provided training to Library personnel on programming the calendar for the system. Recorded, installed and tested messages in newly installed Broome Library IP speaker system
  • Ongoing tracking of campus SAFE (Emergency Preparedness Enhancements (EPE)) project
  • Consulted on new classroom technology proof-of-concept in Bell Tower 1684
  • Conducted panic alarm testing and battery replacements with Police Dept.
  • Consulted on several office reconfigurations with Courtney Ellis.
  • Met with Housing on providing additional data connectivity in Santa Cruz Village E
  • Oversaw contractor replacing batteries and doing preventative maintenance on data center uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system
  • Working with Editing Committee for CSU Telecommunications Infrastructure Planning (TIP) Standards document
  • Met with representatives from E&S Ring at University Glen Town Center to discuss adding network connectivity to Town Center apartments
  • Created and activated new DHCP server with Windows 2016
  • Setup a new Remote Desktop Services server with Server 2016 so servers with remote access to more than 2 users can be accessed simultaneously
  • Created and activated 2 new physical domain controllers: 1 for the harbor domain and one for CSUCI domain
  • Worked with Aruba technical support for 2+ days to eradicate wireless authentication issues

Information Security

  • Completed rollout of Duo multi-factor authentication to all faculty and staff between.  Ongoing intermittent work orders related to token distribution and new phone setups continue to stream in. Current statistics include: All Employee Adoption at 91% as of 01/15/2020
  • Conversations with Student Affairs continue regarding communication with students for upcoming rollout of Duo for Students next term.
  • Increased email scamming attempts have been keeping the team busy this month
  •  in collaboration with Student Information Systems, the security audit of CI Records security continues.
    • New custom security database views have been created and tested and are waiting to migrated to CI Records.
  • Working with Infrastructure on Email and Endpoint improvements.
    • CI’s proof of concept with Proofpoint continues.
  • Working with User Services and Infrastructure on physical asset identification and management.
  •  Continued support of Windows 10 upgrades.
  •  Planning efforts around phishing awareness continue, including:
    • Rolling out Cofense’s PhishMe phishing awareness product
    • Creation of new Phish Bowl/Phish Tank repository and website for anything phishing related
    • Updating of the Information Security Phishing web presence.
  • Starting a CO Information Security Audit in January that will run through early March.  ITS staff and CI’s internal auditor will be closely with CO auditor’s and National Guardsmen during the course of this event.

Project Management

  • Business process automation (BP Logix) proof-of-concept continues, with CSUCI leading weekly meetings for participating campuses. Development and testing of sample workflows continues within the platform. Information about the project can be found in the #bplogix channel of the Chancellor’s Office Slack channel,
  • Preparation for the migration from Docusign to Adobe Sign continues. Web site updates, training and documentation updates are underway. Refinement and testing of migrated Docusign forms continues.
  • Blackboard EAccounts migration for Dolphin OneCard Self-Service: working with team to update documentation and reference guides in preparation for go live, and cutover from JSA service.
  • Provided support for You@College implementation project; Chancellor’s Office information security audit; classroom technology support planning; StarRez PortalX migration project; Blackboard online photo submission project; ESM Campus marketplace project; CalUSource implementation; Child Care Center planning; implementation of MS Project Online for VPBFA; Emergency Preparedness Project; OpenGov project request; Duo for Students; and PMB project request for Public Safety.
  • CI Fileflow migration (retention policy manager implementation): testing continues
  • Work with ITS leadership and staff on planning for migration of Dropbox to Microsoft OneDrive
  • Work with TeamDynamix and infrastructure support on user role and ticketing categorization
  • Closed Lynx-to-25Live integration project.

Web Services

  • ​Work with User Services on Labstats lab availability updates for Library spaces
  • Web Accessibility: installation and configuration of SiteImprove, Monsido and Blackboard Ally for Web. Began running scans of web content.
  • Work continues on Library Instagram feed design
  • Work on Student Health Services and Basic Needs web site refreshes
  • Design of Adobe Sign myCI service