Google Chrome (build 80) Browser Update May Affect MyCI-enabled Applications

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On Tuesday February 4, 2020, Google will release an update to the Chrome web browser (build 80). This update will implement a security change intended to increase privacy and security by changing the way cookies are handled by Google Chrome. Additional information on the impact of this update can be found on Microsoft's web site.

Unfortunately, advance testing of this upgrade shows that it may negatively affect many applications and services that are based on current open standards, including some University services that use single sign-on (SSO) through myCI.

Information Technology Services (ITS) recommends that if you encounter errors when trying to access any University systems and services using Single Sign-On (SSO), please switch to another browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge, to continue access those systems and services.

There is a CSU system-wide effort currently under way to assess and address the impact of this change to our systems.

Thank you for your continued support and patience while this matter is resolved. Additional updates to this issue will be posted on the ITS News Blog and in this ITS Knowledgebase article. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Shared Services Solution Center at 805-437-8552.

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