Windows 7 Can No Longer Be Supported

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Several messages about the need to upgrade or remove Windows 7 computers were sent by ITS last year and we must now take final steps to ensure that this unsupported operating system fully retires from campus computers.  Information Technology Services cannot provide support to machines running Windows 7 after the Microsoft-mandated end-of-life deadline, January 2020.  Non-conforming computers pose a security threat to all CI computers and CI's network.

Please be advised:

  • There must be a TeamDynamix (TDx) work order ticket recorded in the Shared Services Solution Center (SSSC) requesting a review of your computer to upgrade or remove each computer assigned to you.

  • The ticket must include the plan of action (remove or upgrade your computer(s)) or include a request for exception. 

  • After January 2020 machines running Windows 7 may be administratively blocked from accessing the network.

  • If your daily-use computer is blocked from the network please respond to the TDX Help Desk ticket on record for it. If none has been created the Help Desk staff will create one for you.  ITS will work with you on the best way and time to upgrade, remove, or replace the computer.