Monthly Bulletin - November 2019

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I'm pleased to share our monthly bulletin, which provides a summary of activities & accomplishments for the department of Information Technology Services over the past month.

User Services

  • Created a support plan for Extended University Winter Session courses
  • Researching “visitation software” and related technology for potential use by Extended University
  • Reviewing and updating plans for audio-visual installation at the Boating Center as a Strategic Initiative
  • Planning the next wave of computer purchases from MSFT 2019/2020 allocation
  • Increased our LabStats license and will update the instance for better reporting next month, after the ITS blackout period
  • Encouraged continuation of the 2019 Tech-E award program, organized by a small and distributed task force of members from all areas of ITS

Application Services

  • Development, Testing, Quality Assurance, and Move to Production completed or scheduled during November 2019:
    • HR/CS Linux OS Web Server Upgrade – Move to Production in CI Records and CI Personnel
    • Schedule Planner In App Registration – Quality Assurance
    • Parchment Upgrade – Development
    • Checklist Processor Version 2 – Quality Assurance, Move to Production in CI Records (12/2)
    • Plan Sequence Auto-Update – User Acceptance Testing
    • Diploma Extract (retro-fit) - Quality Assurance
  • Database Scripts for the following areas were developed and deployed during November 2019:
    • Advising (1)
  • Work continues on the mandated CI Records, CI Personnel, CI Financials PeopleTools 8.57 Upgrades.
  • Work continues on the mandated CI Records, CI Personnel Oracle12cR2 Database Upgrade.
  • Work continues on support of the StarRez Portal X Integration with Student Financials and Cashnet
  • Maintenance pack MP 9.02 was deployed to CI Records 11/12/2019
  • Maintenance pack MP 9.01 was deployed to CI Records 11/4/2019
  • Application Services continued supporting the following operations and projects:
    • Monthly LCD Issue Support
    • Med-Proctor Immunizations Decommission Mitigation
    • Migration Operations
    • Interview of Analyst / Programmer Candidates


  • Continue working on migrating Windows Server 2008 servers to Windows Server 2016 or later
  • Blackboard photo submission issue resolved allowing users to submit own photos
  • Setup a POC with Email security gateway, Proofpoint, for evaluation and testing to see how it performs in keeping our email security tighter and to block more threats
  • Ongoing work on campus SAFE project

Information Security

  • Rolled out the implementation of Duo multi-factor authentication to all faculty and staff between 11/12 and 11/22.
    • Neal Fisch held Duo Office Hours on 11/18, 11/20 and 11/22 to support rollout with additional days of 12/2 and 12/5 have been scheduled as well.
    • Current statistics include:
        • Stateside Staff Adoption was at 96.6% as of 11/19/2019
        • All Employee Adoption was at 79.5% as of 11/22/2019
  • Began conversations with Student Affairs regarding communication with students for upcoming rollout of Duo for Students next term.
  • Working with Student Affairs on the process to replace Med+Proctor for Immunization tracking.
  • Worked to address a recent increase in email scamming attempts 
  • In collaboration with Student Information Systems, Information Security continues the security audit of CI Records security. New custom security database views have been created and tested and are waiting to migrated to CI Records.
  • Work continues with ITS Infrastructure on Email and Endpoint improvements.
    • CI’s proof of concept with Proofpoint continues.
    • CI’s proof of concept with Palo Alto Networks TRAPS product continues.
  • Work continues with User Services and Infrastructure on physical asset identification and management.
  • Planning efforts around phishing awareness continue, including:
    • Roll out of Cofense’s PhishMe phishing awareness system
    • Creation of new Phish Bowl/Phish Tank repository and website for anything phishing related
    • Updating of the Information Security Phishing web presence.

Project Management

  • Worked with Jim August on initial classroom technology proposal
  • Updates to the ITS project intake process: reduced the number of forms, added project prioritization rubric.
  • Resolved issue with Blackboard Transact upgrade and online photo submission activation; as of 11/14, issue was fixed by the vendor, and testing as well as communication planning for Card Service online photo submission rollout continues.
  • Working with Facilities Services and Budget & Planning on Emergency Preparedness Enhancement Implementation (formerly SAFE Project) coordination and planning
  • Working with VPBFA, Facilities and ITS Infrastructure to configure Microsoft Project Online and Microsoft Project Server.
  • Training for Pro-Card stakeholders in ESM Campus Marketplace solution is nearly completed.
  • Coordinating with Enrollment Management and Shamrock team to put Hyland Perceptive Content retention policy manager into production.
  • Work continues with TeamDynamix consulting on ticket re-categorization and re-prioritization efforts
  • Assisted Conferences & Events in completing upgrade of 25Live scheduling system to 25Live Pro, and obtaining access to vendor support & training resources. Drafted new service level agreement for review, and met with Alissa Blough to discuss staffing changes and future support model.
  • Work continues on StarRez PortalX deployment, and coordination of Cashnet integration testing and clarification of testing roles & responsibilities.
  • Congratulations to CSUCI's Library and Environmental Science & Resource Management teams, who received 2 of 12 innovation grants through the Chancellor's Office to develop new workflows using Amazon Web Services.
  • Developed sample form and process in BP Logix; weekly meetings and demos with systemwide pilot participants continues.
  • Adobe Sign migration continues; next meetings scheduled. Converted Docusign templates have been delivered by Adobe to CSUCI, and testing and cleanup has begun.

Web Services

  • Completed and submitted the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) President’s summary report and ATI annual reports for web, instructional materials, and procurement to the Chancellor’s Office prior to the 11/15 deadline.
  • Completed migration of web applications to new load-balanced server environment.
  • Ryan Garcia led a Photoshop workshop for the campus community.
  • Research and meeting scheduling regarding intranet planning.
  • Scheduling Modo Labs (goCI mobile app) upgrade to v3
  • Met with Career & Alumni Services regarding progress on development of new myCI affiliation for paid Alumni & Friends Association (A&FA) members.
  • Completed demo of Hannon Hill web content management system 

Administration (AVP’s office)

  • Work continues on plans for student assistant funding in support of Shared Services Solution Center

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