Video: Zoom best practices (thanks to T&LI)

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Zoom has become an increasingly useful and popular tool to support collaboration with colleagues working remotely. Between August and November 2018, per day CSUCI hosted an average of 18 Zoom meetings for a total 72 participants, for an average daily total of 53 hours.

Over that same date range, the University hosted 2173 meetings on Zoom for 8,458 participants and a total of 6,263 hours (with 9.5% of participants using Zoom for the first time).

With so many hours of meetings happening on Zoom, it's a great opportunity to examine how to make the most out of the experience. The Teaching & Learning Innovations (T&LI) team at CSUCI just published a wonderful video of best practices for using Zoom to engage with your colleagues:

Watch Zoom Best Practices video on YouTube

Do you have other best practices for Zoom that you find important? We'd love to hear from you, share your thoughts here.

Want to get started using Zoom? Visit CSUCI's Zoom information page. You can also access Zoom directly from myCI.