Monthly Bulletin - January 2019

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Happy New Year! I'm pleased to share our monthly bulletin, which provides a summary of activities & accomplishments for the department of Information Technology Services over the last month.

User Services

  • Installed nearly 200 new computers in computer labs and classrooms over the Winter break, funded by the 2018-2019 MSFT allocation.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud is now available to any student, faculty, or staff member to purchase for personal use at a substantially discounted rate of $25 per year through CSUCI's OnTheHub web storefront.  This is 90% savings over the retail faculty & student price ($239.88 per year).
  • Helped Communications and Marketing to install a digital sign in the Madera Hall lobby.  This new sign is an example of the new Digital Signage system piloted in the Fall.
  • Since our support for Windows 7 will end in December we are closely monitoring its use on campus computers. About 30% of our computers are currently running Windows 7.  User Services is identifying the users of these computers and will work with them to upgrade in the coming.

Application Services

  • Migration of the Grey Heller ERP Firewall project has been scheduled for Monday night 2/4.  This project overlaps with Information Security.
  • PeopleTools Upgrade to 8.56 tasks continue with move-to-production scheduled for April.
  • Maintenance packs MP 5.03, 6.00 were successfully migrated to our production CI Records and CI Personnel instances on January 7.
  • Application Services continued supporting the following operations and projects:
    • Via by Watermark
    • Student 1098-T Processing
    • Title IX Interface Re-design
    • LCD Issue Support
    • CSU Learn for CI
    • Financial Aid Setup and Processing
    • MedProctor Immunizations
    • Faculty Affiliation Support
    • Migration Operations


  •  Created detailed list of emergency notification speakers at Sierra Hall and Santa Rosa Village
  •  Ongoing work with Police Department to upgrade campus safety and security equipment and systems
  •  Ongoing meetings to activate EcoVox energy management system
  •  Attended job scope meeting to discuss enhancements to Bell Tower side lobby area
  •  Completed a Microsoft Azure disaster recovery proof-of-concept for backing up/failing over servers and services to Azure and then failing them back on premises.
  •  Technical scoping for Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business possible implementations
  •  Audited and fixed numerous group policies that are applied to all campus computers
  •  Updated CI Alert to include more SMS and voice numbers
  •  Configuration of myCI Single-sign-on for LinkedIn Learning and ESM Solutions
  •  Continued migration from G drive to Dropbox (Extended Ed, some ITS, and C&M have been migrated
  •  Ongoing work with Blackboard support to configure the Photo Submission conversion process
  •  Took possession of CommVault backup appliance and began initial racking and setup.
  • Worked with tech support for Alcatel-Lucent network on nefarious bug issue.  Problem temporarily resolved but effort is ongoing to fully resolve.
  •  Ongoing work with new CommVault system for connectivity and install
  •  Refreshed Clearpass wireless authentication hardware

Information Security

  • As part of CI’s ongoing plan to broaden security of CI’s systems access, and to support recent audit findings at the Chancellor’s Office regarding CI Financials (CFS), Information Security will be rolling out Duo multi-factor authentication to all active CI Financials users during the month of February.  Neal Fisch is developing a roll-out calendar that will be shared with in the next two weeks. Rollout will take place in small groups and training sessions will be held by Information Security and Infrastructure personnel.  Additional information regard Duo Multi-Factor Authentication may be found here: and
  • Carlos Miranda continues to address campus reported phishing email attempts
  • Neal Fisch completed the following regular audits:
    • Monthly - Segregation of Duties in PeopleSoft
    • Monthly - System Access vs. Terminated EE’s
    • Quarterly Data Center and Oracle Account Audit
  • Information Security continued support of daily security operations and administration.
  • CI’s Annual SOD (Segregation of Duties) Report has been completed and is awaiting CFO signature.

Project Management

  • Deployed updates to Digital Signage request process in TeamDynamix; published new knowledgebase article about digital signage program at CSUCI
  • Revised submission process for minor IT projects in TeamDynamix. The previous minor project process was resulting in frequent incorrect submissions for operational work as projects. The new process creates these requests as tickets, which can then be assigned to major IT project process as necessary.  The new minor IT project form can be found here
  • Launched TeamDynamix ticketing for Financial Systems. Completed decommissioning of legacy TrackIT for IRPE and Financial Systems ticket requests.
  • Completed and closed Frevvo pilot, WhiteHat Security pilot, and Grant Database projects
  • Work continues on online student photo submission process and BlackBoard EAccounts implementation (to replace JSA for DolphinOne Card self-service). Portal mockup is in progress, and configuration continues in support of photo synchronization across multiple systems.
  • Disaster recovery testing plan templates have been updated.
  • CI Fileflow e-transcript process go-live has been moved to week of March 11. Shamrock Solutions, our implementation partner, will be on site during the week of January 28 for configuration and training.
  • Ecovox energy management system implementation is moving forward. Additional functionality for on-premise hosting is moving through the IT procurement process.  
  • Online Orientation development continues; Student Affairs team is working on content development and revision.
  • Watermark VIA assessment system configuration continues; testing of data upload to populate the system is underway. Project is on-track to begin testing in March.
  • Dropbox Teams rollout continues in replacement of group/department network shares. Completed migration of Extended University. Please contact Asha Ramachandra ( with any questions.

Web Services

  • ​Completed 55 support tickets
  • Launched myCI v3.2 on Friday, January 11, making it easier for myCI users to customize their myCI layout, as well as launching 2 additional services (CI Keys and AV Release Form)
  • Completed and closed and Library Migration to Mobile Framework projects

Administration (AVP’s office)

  • Held demonstrations of BP Logix and Adobe Sign electronic forms and workflow tools for key stakeholders. Recordings of demonstrations are available through the AVP’s office (contact Peter Mosinskis).
  • Submitted ITS annual budget draft for 2019-20 FY for review
  • ITS staff and leadership participated in evaluation of 3 candidate finalists for the Chief Information Officer position. 

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