December 18th, 2023 - Windows Updates

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Dear CSUCI Community,

Beginning December 18, 2023, CSUCI computers will undergo a Windows update using a new tool introduced by ITS. This update includes all the Security and Quality updates that would normally be deployed as required but will now include the latest Windows feature update and essential system improvements.  Due to the additional functionality, the first update will potentially be longer than a traditional update and it is essential that the update completes once started before shutting down your system.  These updates will apply only to Windows computers.

Key Information:

  • Start Date: December 18, 2023
  • Updates: Newest Windows feature update and required patches
  • Restart Required: After updates, a restart is necessary (may take up to one hour)

User Options:

  • Notification: You will be notified before the restart.
  • Restart Time: Choose a time or allow an automatic restart.
  • Suggestion: Consider restarting as you leave for the day.

Questions or Concerns: For any inquiries, please contact the Solution Center at 805-437-8552.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,

ITS (Information Technology Services)