Internships, Careers with the FBI Cybersecurity Awareness Month Session

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On Friday October 20, 2023, as part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM) CSUCI had 4 members of L.A.’s F.B.I. Division on campus for a session about "Internships, Careers with the FBI". This session/webinar provided valuable insights into opportunities for individuals interested in working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The session covered the following key points:

1. Introduction to the FBI

An overview of the FBI's mission, which is to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the United States, and provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal, state, municipal, and international partners.

2. Internship Programs

  • The FBI offers a variety of internship programs for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Interns can gain experience in areas such as cybersecurity, intelligence analysis, criminal investigation, and more.
  • These internships provide a valuable opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals and contribute to the FBI's mission.

3. Entry-Level Careers

  • The FBI recruits individuals with diverse backgrounds and skills, including law enforcement, intelligence analysis, linguistics, computer science, and more.
  • Special Agent positions were discussed, which require a rigorous application process, including background checks, physical fitness tests, and interviews.
  • The webinar highlighted the need for candidates to meet certain requirements, such as U.S. citizenship and a minimum age of 23.

4. Career Development

  • Participants were informed about the various career paths within the FBI, including leadership roles and specialized positions in fields like cybercrime, counterterrorism, and counterintelligence.
  • Ongoing training and development opportunities were emphasized, showcasing the FBI's commitment to continuous growth and learning.

5. Application Process

  • Detailed information on the application process for internships and careers was provided, including how to submit applications through the FBI's official website.
  • The importance of thorough and accurate applications, as well as the significance of integrity in the selection process were highlighted.

6. Q&A Session

The session concluded with a question-and-answer session, where attendees could ask specific questions about the FBI's recruitment process, work culture, and opportunities.

In summary, the "Internships, Careers with the FBI" session served as a comprehensive introduction to the FBI's various programs and career paths. It aimed to educate and inform potential candidates about the opportunities available within the organization and the steps needed to pursue a career with the FBI.