Update to CSU Policy for Electronic and Digital Signatures

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An important update to the CSU Policy for Electronic and Digital Signatures was released today, which provides some clarification for the use of electronic signatures in signing contracts and other internal and external documents.

Some notable changes includes the following language:

Electronic signatures may be used for bilateral contractual and legal documents, unilateral contracts and other University controlled documents, internal campus and Chancellor's Office forms and approvals, and external forms and approvals. 
Campuses must develop policies and procedures to identify, evaluate, and document who may use simple electronic and digital signatures and where simple electronic signatures are permitted and digital signatures are required.

Campus and Chancellor's Office policies and procedures for electronic signatures must meet CSU electronic and digital signature standards and may be used for transactions between the CSU and outside parties only when approved by the campus Vice President for Administration/CFO and when both parties have agreed to conduct transactions by digital means.

Campus and Chancellor's Office procedures must document the person by CSU position who is authorized to sign, approve, and/or prevent unauthorized actions from being taken as a result of an electronic signature.

Both the policy and the CSU Electronic and Digital Signature Standards and Procedures, 8100.S01 define the differences between electronic and digital signatures. In addition, 8100.S01 describes a risk assessment methodology that campuses may use to assess its procedures relating to electronic and digital signature.

Have questions about the differences between electronic and digital signature, and which method is appropriate? Please contact CSUCI Information Security

7 Responses to “Update to CSU Policy for Electronic and Digital Signatures”

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