CSU Innovation mini-grants - proposals due 4/27

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This message is sent on behalf of Jim August, Chief Information Officer:

Dear colleagues,

For the fourth year, Cal State Innovate (http://calstateinnovate.org/) at the CSU Chancellor's Office is pleased to offer an Innovation Minigrant Program.

Here are the details:

  1. Up to $10,000 per proposal can be funded.
  2. A maximum of two proposals per campus will be accepted by the Chancellor's Office. Proposals will be submitted by the Chief Information Officer at each campus, and a maximum of one proposal per campus will be funded.
  3. You can submit your proposal for consideration at http://go.csuci.edu/csuminigrant
  4. Proposal must be submitted using the above link by Monday, April 27 at 5:00PM.
  5. Minigrant recipients will have funds transferred to our campus via the CPO process so they can be used for any purpose that would normally be appropriate for state funds. Awarded funds will be transferred this fiscal year (FY 2019-2020); CSUCI will make arrangements to carry over funds to next year (2020-21).
  6. Awarded projects must be completed and funds used before Feb 1, 2021.
You can find the list of projects previously funded on the Cal State Innovate blog : FY2019 funded projects and FY2018 funded projects.

Our apologies for the short submission window. Feel free to share this opportunity with any faculty or staff who may be interested. Please contact me with any questions, and thanks in advance for sharing your ideas.

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