Migration from Docusign to Adobe Sign - June 1 Deadline

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In conjunction with Information Technology Services, the Division of Business & Financial Affairs (BFA) is in the process of migrating all of its existing DocuSign forms and templates into Adobe Sign, CSUCI's new electronic signature platform.

This migration has been underway since fall 2019. BFA chose Adobe Sign to replace Docusign in order to expand the campus' capabilities for electronic signature, and manage the costs associated with this expansion. Adobe Sign provides most of the features of Docusign at a greatly reduced cost.

As someone who has initiated or signed forms in Docusign, please note that you must migrate any existing Docusign forms/process to Adobe Sign no later than June 1, 2020.

Campus units/departments that own form/process workflows in Docusign (i.e., form "owners") are responsible for:

  1. Participating in training for Adobe Sign
  2. Migrating their form/process to Adobe Sign
  3. Archiving any completed forms in Docusign into your own campus repository (such as Dropbox or a campus network shared drive)
Any forms/processes not migrated from Docusign after June 1 will cease to function. In addition, you will no longer be able to access any documents signed in Docusign after June 1, so if you require a copy of those signed forms, please archive them into your own campus repository (such as Dropbox or a campus network shared drive).

Instructor-led live training webinars for Adobe Sign is offered every Friday afternoon into April. To RSVP, visit CSUCI's Adobe Sign Resources page.

In addition, the training sessions have been recorded and are posted for on-demand viewing on CSUCI's Adobe Sign Resources page. We encourage you and your staff to view or attend these training at your earliest convenience to learn how to use Adobe Sign.

If you require assistance with migrating your form or process from Docusign, please submit a support request from the "Get Help with Adobe Sign" service page.

We encourage you to share this message with any colleagues who may be impacted by this transition.

Thank you for your cooperation through this transition, and please submit a support ticket with any further questions about this migration.

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