Monthly Bulletin - September 2018

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I'm pleased to share our monthly bulletin, which provides a summary of activities & accomplishments for the department of Information Technology Services.

User Services

  • Offered an open meeting for campus members to learn about the wepa print kiosk station being tested.  An accessibility review is underway.
  • Preparing purchases of classroom computers from the AY 17/18 MSFT fund to be deployed early next year
  • Working with Teaching and Learning Innovations team on developing online technical training modules
  • Worked with the library to update and improve messaging to students on appropriate computer use
  • Installed new computers for users on the Santa Rosa Island research facility
  • Worked with infrastructure and security teams to implement new hard drive encryption practices 

Application Services

  • Testing continues for the Grey Heller ERP Firewall project.  This project overlaps with Information Security.
  • Lacey Lovejoy significantly assisted Student Business Services with resolving their payments issue that occurred between 9/19 and 9/21.
  • Lacey Lovejoy completed 14 requests for BFA related to various Student Finance issues and inquiries from SBS staff.
  • Shawn Bochat completed corrections to the Academic Planning Report (APR).
  • Shawn Bochat provided updated data information for the Med Proctor system in Enrollment Management.
  • Angela Stockmon completed 6 sets of database clones to support Application Services ongoing projects and operations.
  • Maintenance pack testing for MP 4.06 and 5.00 continue with move to production, tentatively scheduled for Monday night 10/8.
  • Lacey Lovejoy and Wayne Goodwin attended Integration Tools I training from 9/10 – 9/13.
  • Application Services resolved 77 work order in September (as of this update). 


  • Ongoing migration of SQL databases.  Recently migrated RIMS, Mainsaver, Prolog, and Traka.
  • Ongoing SSO (single sign on) implementation with Blackboard E-Accounts
  • Replaced battery backup devices (UPS’s) in all 12 telecom rooms in Broome Library (refreshed due to age)
  • Troubleshot and repaired (with Cisco TAC assistance) major problem with Cisco access control system
  • Preplanning for wireless infrastructure for new Commencement location
  • Assisted Computer Science department to train students to do data cabling and termination
  • Ongoing consulting on campus EcoVox energy management system project
  • Created a group policy that changes the logon screen on the library lab machines to a more informative picture with logon instructions and how to get help from the solution center
  • Created an Office 365 Suite Application deployment in SCCM for future updates of Office products on campus
  • Enabled the writing of Bitlocker encryption keys to active directory on all Active directory staff/faculty machines for the campus’ future computer encryption compliances
  • Aided in the installation and configuration of Spirion software for Information Security that is replacing Identity Finder for DLP on workstations
  • Worked with Communications and Marketing on an organized list of email addresses of users who have access to send campus global emails as well as student campus global emails
  • Worked on and came up with a potential solution for shared and delegate calendar issues that included duplicate, missing and incorrect shared calendar items
  • Ongoing internal cleanup of campus firewall rules and server connections
  • Completed migration of all SQL DB’s from older equipment on Berm/Dune to newer SQL servers on ebb/flow
  • Upgraded Commvault version 10 to version 11 on a VM with Windows Server 2016. Still need to configure it to support our new VMWare vSAN.
  • Began discussions to migrate groupshares to Dropbox. Still under review whether this is a good solution or not.

Information Security

  • Carlos Miranda and Neal Fisch hosted Business Email compromise training for Human Resources
  • Carlos Miranda submitted one article to the CI News Center for this month.
  • Neal Fisch rolled out the second pilot group for DUO 2-Step (multi-factor) authentication and held an enrollment and training session on 9/25.  Participants in this group are from HR, Payroll, SBS, Enrollment Management, Financial Aid, Admissions, Finance and Procurement.  This phase is scheduled to last 2 weeks.
  • Workstation Encryption Project:  As of early September, any new non-lab/non-instructor Windows machine, as well as any Windows machine requiring a re-image will be encrypted before it is delivered by User Services.
  • Beginning CI’s annual Security and Data Risk Assessment (confidential data) to be turned in to the CO in December.
  • Information Security resolved 74 work order in September (as of this update).
  • Completed 5 Information Security Vendor Risk Assessments tied to IT Procurements which included Follett, Watermark, and Blackboard eAccounts.

Project Management

  • Melissa Bergem led system administrator training workshops for the TeamDynamix ticketing system for ITS and Division of Business & Financial Affairs team members.
  • Significant progress has been made on the integration solution to enable Intelligent Capture of Transcripts (ICT) using CI Fileflow, powered by Perceptive Content. Design document was approved and, to accommodate Enrollment Management’s (EM) needs, training for EM has been moved to the week of January 14, 2019, go-live date has been moved to February 25, 2019. Cross-training for ITS team members in Perceptive iScript programming language is in progress.
  • First planning meetings for Dropbox Phase 2 implementation (migration of department shares) were completed.
  • Completed implementation of Risk Safety Solutions Hazard Assessment Tool and Inspect Application ahead of Oct 1 deadline mandated by Chancellor’s Office.   
  • Tracking procurement completion of Ecovox Energy Management System and ESM Campus Marketplace to begin project kickoffs.

Web Services

  • ​Completed migration of campus web site search from SearchBlox to Google Custom site search for improved searchability and results.
  • Added 8 additional services to myCI: Academic Calendar, Events Calendar, Campus Directory, Schedule of Classes, University Catalog, Academic Advising, Follett EDiscover, and Qualtrics.
  • Web Services developers have been cross-training in iScript programming language in support of CI Fileflow service support.
  • Completed upgrade of IT Procurement Impact Assessment (ITPIA) form system to streamline the ITPIA notification experience and leverage the TeamDynamix API to read and write data into TeamDynamix, and automate email notification.  
  • Completed timeslot automation enhancement for Housing & Residential Education information system (StarRez)
  • Delivered, deployed and completed Fall Student Research Showcase registration system

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