Additional services added to myCI

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I'm pleased to announce that we've added some popular services to myCI that may already be familiar to you:

  1. Academic Calendar (for important academic dates & deadlines)
  2. Events Calendar (for campus events) 
  3. Campus Directory (find student, faculty & staff contact information)
  4. Schedule of Classes 
  5. University Catalog
  6. Academic Advising
Not all of these familiar services require authentication through myCI, but as they are some of the most frequently visited and used, we wanted to make it easier for current students and employees to locate these services (and save them in their Pinned Services, if desired). 

We've also added 2 new services to myCI which do require credentials to access: 
  1. Follett Discover: enables students to purchase & read textbooks and course materials, and faculty to select course materials
  2. Qualtrics: enables students, faculty and staff to create and share web-based surveys and forms
Have another idea for a useful service to include in myCI? Please submit your suggestion through the IT Solution Center self-service portal. 

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