CI Docs launched - new document sharing and collaboration service

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In August, we posted an announcement about CI Docs, a new service for students, faculty and staff that makes sharing and collaborating on documents faster and easier than ever.

We're very pleased to welcome CI Docs, powered by Google Apps for Education, as the newest member of a growing family of technology services focused on collaboration, mobility and productivity.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using CI Docs:

  1. Create, collaborate and share documents with just your web browser. With CI Docs, members of the CI community can create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations in real-time, using only a web browser; no additional software is required.
  2. Control how you share your documents. CI Docs users can share their documents with friends, other students, faculty and colleagues outside of CI, while controlling access to view and edit as desired.
  3. Access documents anywhere and anytime. Students & employees can access CI Docs using any computer with a modern web browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer)  including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Forgot your thumb drive at home? No problem; files stored in CI Docs live "in the cloud", and can be accessed from anywhere you have internet access and a modern browser.
  4. Lots of free storage and many supported file types. Each CI Docs user can store up to 5GB of documents right from their web browser, and CI Docs users can view over 15 popular file formats.
  5. Convert Microsoft Office files for real-time collaboration. Just upload your documents to CI Docs, and choose the option to convert when prompted. You're now ready to share the document and collaborate with friends and colleagues online and in real-time. Certain restrictions to real-time collaboration do apply
Ready to get started? Just login to myCI, and click the "CI Docs" link.

To learn more, please visit the CI Docs web site. As always, if you experience problems or need help, please contact the T&C Help Desk at or call 805-437-8552.

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