Beware of Phishing Scams!

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We've all received them, emails from a seemingly trusted source like a bank, delivery company or even your own place of employment, claiming there was some type of issue or another requiring you to offer up some personal information or click on a link or button to help clear the issue up. If you receive an email of this sort DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK OR OFFER UP ANY INFORMATION!

This is a common form of security attack called a phishing or spear phishing scam.

Groups attempting to steal personal information will often use e-mails that appear to originate from a trusted source to try and trick a user into entering valid credentials at a fake website. Typically the e-mail and the web site look like they are part of a bank or some other organization the user is doing business with.

If you receive any email asking for personal information or to click on a link and you think it may be fraudulent, please report it immediately to the T&C Helpdesk at X8552 or They will assist you and instruct you on how to remove it effectively.

Remember...  nobody from T&C will ever ask you for any personal information, including your password!

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