Seven Classrooms with Integrated (HyFlex) Technology Components Built-In

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Our campus now has a few more locations where remote participation in classes or meetings may be possible:

  • Aliso Hall 133 *
  • Aliso Hall 134 *
  • Aliso Hall 231 *
  • Aliso Hall 234 *
  • Bell Tower 1462
  • Del Norte 1500  
  • Sierra Hall 1344

*These are Chemistry and Biology laboratories used for lab instruction only.

Cameras, mics and speakers are installed in these rooms and may be controlled at the instructor’s station. A single camera is focused on the instructor's station and ceiling mounted mics will pickup voices in the room.  Using familiar tools like Zoom or Teams on the instructor's workstation, remote participants have a window into the classroom and can participate with their own Zoom/Teams capable computers logged into the instructor's meeting.

Instructors needing assistance in these rooms may contact the Shared Services Solution Center at 805-437-8552, or submit an ITS service request.