Monthly Bulletin - December 2020

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 User Services

  • Provided technical support for EU Winter Session courses, including Tier 1 response on holiday or vacation days
  • Implemented loaner equipment check-out database, and completed distribution of hotspots for faculty and staff (new hotspots may still be ordered through ITS)
  • Tested improved KVM switch for Sierra Hall computer science networking lab
  • Setup new virtual lab environment for GIS/ESRM Professor Patsch with assistance on VPN access from Infrastructure
  • Prepared and delivered urgently needed computing equipment for new Provost
  • Updated and re-homed some temporary loaner laptops to their appropriate classroom 
  • Routinized specific LabStats and Auxiliary charge-back reports for the CIO
  • Promoted Digital Citizenship efforts related to security vulnerabilities with certain email delivery methods, Windows feature updates, web browsers, and Adobe Flash


  • Preparation for several infrastructure projects to commence in January:  CNI WiFi refresh in Bell Tower, Aliso Hall and Madera Hall; Sage Hall and CIBC Outdoor WiFi projects
  • MC’ing of BFA Divisional Meeting
  • Work on findings from Network security audit
  • Inventorying of low-cost capital assets in preparation for CNI WiFi refresh
  • Assisted with install of second tier of networking equipment for Police PSAP Cal-OES NextGen 911 project
  • Upgraded OmniVista network tool software
  • Upgraded APC StruxureWare software for UPS Monitoring
  • Setup phone extension for new Provost
  • Upgraded myCI infrastructure to the latest version
  • Migrated ASI and Library departments from Dropbox to OneDrive
  • Integrated our Active Directory and SSO with our Asset Panda management system

Information Security

Month long projects

  • Finishing the new image for Windows (20H2)
  • Seven software vulnerabilities were patched from Advisories from MS-ISAC deemed critical.
  • Mac OS Big Sur (11) was tested and will be available for campus download on 1 Jan. 2021


Individual items

  • Info Sec met with the CO’s Auditor G. Dove about the outstanding items from this year’s audit. 1 Dec. 2020
  • Started a P.O.C. with Kenna Security 10 Dec. 2020
  • C. Miranda completed the 1st Cohort of the Lead CI Program that Dr. Beck started, and she selected less than Ten Faculty and Staff Administrators for the program. 14 Dec. 2020
  • C. Miranda was asked to be part of the Internal Auditor search committee. 21 Dec. 2020
  • C. Miranda attended two meetings with Qualys and Palo Alto regarding the SolarWinds breach. 22 Dec. 2020 and 24 Dec. 2020


Project Management 

  • Adobe Sign: Continue to complete the requests. Working on finishing request for Application Services and Auxiliary unit with their property forms. Working on Registrar and HR requisition forms.
  • IT governance – January meetings are being scheduled. Voting from the previous sub-committee meetings will be presented in the executive committee will be held in the coming weeks.
  • Meeting ITS leadership team and project managers to review project requests, active projects, and projects on hold to discuss the direction and next steps.
  • Ticketing Systems improvement initiative with the TeamDynamix team – CI team will be going through implementation readiness training offered by the TeamDynamix team.
  • Completed migration for the Division of Student Affairs and the Library. PMO offered two hands-on training sessions and one webinar to all the users who participated in migration.
  • Raiser Edge Integrations project has been initiated and the kick-off meeting will be held in January.
  • Planning and reaching out to procurement stakeholders to provide procurement training and workshops in January/February, 2021.
  • Closed 10 procurement requests.

Web Services

  • Continuing to work with DSA on the migration of content to a new content management infrastructure
  • 7 tickets have been resolved
  • Working with Modo Labs to launch Elevate program to revamp CSUCI mobile app
  • Continuing to work on fixing pdf files and broken links to be accessibility compliant