Cameras and Zoom Kits to borrow

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Dear Colleagues,

ITS has acquired a few camera items that may be borrowed on short-term loan to help support virtual instruction.  Instructors may borrow one of the following kits or items for one week starting September 1, 2020.  Submit a Help Desk/SSSC ticket requesting one of the specific item types below.

Note: Please plan for equipment pickups or drop offs between 10am and 2pm most days.  Exact times and locations will be confirmed in the Help Desk ticket.

Item Type: Mobile Lecture Recording Kit 
This kit includes the following items.  Three kits are available.

•    Camera: Canon EOS M 50  (camera includes an SD card)
•    a wall power adapter
•    Mic: MXL AC404 USB
•    Tripod
•    Standing Lights
Item Type: Zoom Kit 
This kit includes the following items.  Two kits are available.

•    Webcam
•    Speaker/Mic combo

Item Type: Meeting Owl
This single item is a combination speaker, mic, and webcam that connects to your computer.  One item is available.  See this short knowledge base article on instructions for use.
Since the number of these items is so limited requests made in advance will be prioritized as request reservations.  The requestor will be notified through the help desk ticket regarding when and where requested items may be picked up.   Note that reservation requests are not confirmed until the requestor receives confirmation in the help desk ticket on availability.

Thank you for your patience as we introduce this new service.  If you have any questions please do submit an ITS Service Request using the ITS Solution Center link in myCI, or contact the Shared Services Solution Center at 805-437-8552 between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.