Draft Protocols for In-Person IT Support

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Dear Colleagues,

While we continue to work remotely we recognize that some members of our University need in-person assistance with their university computing devices.  The default and preferred way to provide support continues to be virtual, however when in-person support is needed for desktop/laptop computers, tablets or other electronic equipment we ask that users follow these protocols to reduce potential exposure to and spread of COVID-19:

• Do Not Visit IT Staff without an Appointment– Contact your IT professional and ask for an available time to deliver or set up your equipment. Do not stop by the offices or work areas of IT professionals for assistance without prior scheduled approval.

• Bring or Pick Up Equipment in Designated Locations – Your IT professional will designate a location on campus where you may drop off or pick up equipment.

• Prepare Your Workspace – If your IT professional will be setting up or configuring technology within your workspace, please arrange for open and safe access to the area.

• Avoid Close Contact – If you have to be present, allow for a distance of at least six feet between you and your IT professional at all times.

• Please Be Patient – Our university IT professionals are working diligently and taking extra precautions to ensure safety. Technicians may need additional time to properly address their users’ IT needs.