Fake Jobs Offered via Zoom and Text Message

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Have you received a job offer via text from a "Rosa at SLD"? 

With a follow-up interview on Zoom?

CSUCI has seen an increase in job scams recently targeting our student population via text to their personal smartphone.

Here are some ways to spot these employment scams:
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Do your research, look online, and reach out to infosec@csuci.edu if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Most jobs require a resume, an interview, a background check, and a job application.
  • Asking you to buy a gift card to iTunes or any other service is a sign the offer is a scam.
  • Do not share your information until you have verified the possible employer as being legitimate.

Think you can spot a Phishing email? Take the Phishing quiz from Google https://phishingquiz.withgoogle.com

For on-campus jobs, please visit the Dolphin CareerLink:

For more information or questions about Information Security, contact CSUCI's Information Security Team at infosec@csuci.edu or visit https://www.csuci.edu/its/security/.

8 Responses to “Fake Jobs Offered via Zoom and Text Message”

  1. Just recieved an "interview" text from Rosa with SLD...scummy people

  2. I just received received a text from Rosa@SLD too!! Ugggg I hate scams. When you are trying hard to find work and scammers are too. 😖

  3. Just got the text from Rosa at SLD... Did a Google search before replying. Thank you for these posts. We job seekers have to look out for each other.

  4. haha just got one from the exact same person from a 949 number checked my career builder, the site she claims I applied through, I never applied.

  5. I just received the same thing from "Rosa" and they want to set up an interview, via Zoom for 1pm EST. When I called the number, "Rosa" was in a meeting and "Sergio" wanted to set up the Zoom interview. Is this a scam or not?

  6. I just got the same text from "Rosa".

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  8. Did anyone receive something from Patrick Rhodin ...is it real or a scam