3 Tips for Zoom and Microsoft Teams

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As we continue to conduct more meetings and conversations online, here are a couple of useful Zoom and Microsoft Teams tips:


1. Share your screen in Zoom: when on a Zoom call, click the large “Share” button (green button at the bottom of the Zoom window), and select what you want to share on your screen. You can share your entire desktop, or select a specific window to share. Learn how to share your screen in Zoom.

2. Control a participant's screen (remote control): With a participant's permission, you can also take request control of a participant's screen, or give control of your own. Learn how to request or give remote control in Zoom.

3. Mute yourself (and other participants): don't forget to mute yourself if you're not talking; this helps minimize background noise and disruption of the meeting. Meeting hosts can also use the "Mute All" button (under the "Participants" pop-out) to mute all participants while a meeting is in progress. You can also choose to mute all participants upon entry to your Zoom call (in the Participants pop-out, use the "More" dropdown and check the "Mute all participants upon entry" option). Learn more about using Mute All in Zoom.

Learn more about using Zoom here

Microsoft Teams:

1. Schedule a Teams videoconference within Outlook Web Access: It takes less than 30 seconds to schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting in Outlook online. Watch this short YouTube video for instructions. 

2. Blur Your Background: Sometimes you're working in a space where the background is distracting. If you want to blur your background while on a Microsoft Teams video call, while on the call, click the "..." (More actions) button, and choose "Blur my background" (see the screenshot below)

3. Record your Microsoft Teams meeting: If you want to record a Teams meeting, once the meeting has started, click the "..." (More actions) button, and choose "Start recording" (see the screenshot below). Learn more about recording meetings in Microsoft Teams.