Monthly Bulletin - December 2018

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I'm pleased to share our monthly bulletin, which provides a summary of activities & accomplishments for the department of Information Technology Services.

User Services

  • Coordinated the TechE award nomination process and learn at lunch event
  • User Services staff members now use the DUO 2F security app for increased security.
  • Proposed technical support plan for the first EU winter session, which included extra support for faculty instructors.  We provided special help in preparing course websites in advance of the start of the term and monitored site development to meet deadlines. 
  • Completed fall pilot of Wepa self-service printing kiosk in Broome Library; began evaluation of results & feedback

Application Services

  • Planning for migration of the Grey Heller ERP Firewall project has started with migration targeted for late January.  This project overlaps with Information Security.
  • PeopleTools Upgrade to 8.56 process has begun with our non-production instance taken on 12/18 and due to be returned on 1/7 for testing and retrofitting as needed.  Production upgrade is scheduled for April.
  • Work Order Analysis for Application Services 
    • Completed the following number of work orders:
      • 19 for Academic Affairs 
      • 24 for Business and Financial Affairs
    • New work orders opened this period:
      • 15 for Academic Affairs
      • 15 for Business and Financial Services
      • 01 for Student Affairs
  • Angela Stockmon completed 7 sets of database clones to support Application Services ongoing projects and operations.
  • Lacey Lovey continued support efforts for the following:
    • Winter Session configuration and setup for Student Financials
    • 1098-T processing
  • Maintenance packs MP 5.03, 6.00 have been scheduled for migration to our production CI Records and CI Personnel instances on January 7.
  • Application Services resolved 43 work order in October (as of this update).


  • Enabled SSO for Watermark project
  • Finalized eAccount Integration with Blackboard Transact for ITS Infrastructure section. Still need configuration with Accounting.
  • Started work on BbConnect (CI Alert) that will add a second SMS field to allow for mobile texts to a 2nd device. Will complete next month.
  • Migrated Communication & Marketing groupshare to Dropbox
  • Migrated ITS infrastructure groupshare to Dropbox
  • Started working on creating a high availability environment for our CI Apps (Campus Directory, Schedule of classes)
  • Decommissioned 10 physical servers in the Data Center cleaning up some server racks in the process
  • Deployed vRealize Operations Manager for our VMWare environment

Information Security

  • Information Security addressed three significant security incidents requiring SIRF reports.
  • Carlos Miranda continues to address campus reported phishing email attempts
  • Neal Fisch completed the following regular audits:
    • Monthly - Segregation of Duties in PeopleSoft
    • Monthly - System Access vs. Terminated EE’s
    • Quarterly Data Center and Oracle Account Audit
  • The ITS User Services technicians have been added to the DUO group for DUO 2-Step (multi-factor) authentication.  Planning for rollout to staff employees is currently under way with rollout expected to begin sometime in January.
  • CI’s annual Security and Data Risk Assessment (confidential data) was completed and turned in to the CO on 11/30.
  • Information Security resolved 81 work order in December (as of this update).
  • Completed 4 Information Security Vendor Risk Assessments tied to IT Procurements.

Project Management

  • The spring 2019 major project submission process is now open.  Learn more about the project review process.
  • Completed Hyland demonstration for Human Resources
  • Completed and closed RSS Hazard Assessment & Inspect Application implementation for Environmental Health & Safety.
  • Closed Campus Logic – Financial Aid project (cancelled)
  • CI Fileflow development of XML-to-EDI interface continues by Web Services staff. Site visit and training by vendor scheduled for mid-January.  Completed development of Retention Policy Manager custom scripting.
  • Watermark VIA assessment system implementation continues for School of Education; on track to begin testing in March.

Web Services

  • Completed 49 support tickets (48 opened this month)​
  • Completed accessibility evaluation of Online Orientation web site
  • Planning and requirements development with Student Affairs for a basic needs application; testing of push notification functionality in goCI mobile app
  • Work on web updates for VPBDA, School of Business, Health Sciences, Multicultural Dream Center, and Solution Center are in progress.
  • Development of myCI v3.2 features continues
  • Added autocomplete functionality to CSUCI web search (powered by Google search)  
  • Evaluating requirements for Housing & Residential Education upgrade of StarRez housing platform to new Portal X version 
  • Launched upgrades to the Nursing applicant management system
  • Began upgrade of Student Support Services management system

Administration (AVP’s office)

  • Announced Tech-E Award winners for Excellence in Profession (Pedro Rivas) and Excellence in Service (Anderson Hanchett)
  • Congratulations to Asha Ramachandra for completing her Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training.
  • Developed draft of cost allocation model for auxiliary services
  • Developed draft of memorandum of understanding between ITS and Teaching & Learning Innovations