Monthly Bulletin - October 2018

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I'm pleased to share our monthly bulletin, which provides a summary of activities & accomplishments for the department of Information Technology Services.

User Services

  • Expanding Digital Signage installation to include some areas for Student Affairs.  Procurement and installation workflows are being developed and will be tested by this group with the intent to provide a workable “opt-in” model for the rest of the campus.
  • Reviewing Dropbox training and support practices and materials for improvement.  As use of this campus resource grows, additional in-person and on-line resources will be developed.
  • Considering possible support needs for Extended University winter intersession and preparing mitigation strategies.

Application Services

  • Testing continues for the Grey Heller ERP Firewall project.  This project overlaps with Information Security.
  • Work Order Analysis for Application Services 
    • Completed the following number of work orders:
      • 49 for Academic Affairs 
      • 44 for Business and Financial Affairs
      • 01 for Information Technology Services
      • 01 for Student Affairs
    • New work orders opened this period:
      • 41 for Academic Affairs
      • 33 for Business and Financial Services
      • 01 for Student Affairs
      • 01 by a student
  • Angela Stockmon completed 10 sets of database clones to support Application Services ongoing projects and operations.
  • Maintenance packs MP 4.06, 5.00, 5.01 and 5.02 were migrated to our production CI Records and CI Personnel instances this month.
  • Application Services resolved 97 work order in October (as of this update).


  • Increased Active Directory security with software fixes
  • Dropbox Teams pilot project began to rollout to targeted users/groups
  • Completed migration of SQL server databases from older Berm/Dune servers
  • 4 Infrastructure team members attended 3 days of NTA/CAST (system wide network and systems alliance) meetings in San Diego
  • 2 Infrastructure team members (system admins) completed a week of VMWare 6.7 training
  • 1 Infrastructure team member attended a week of SQL Server training
  • Oversaw semi-annual Data Center UPS maintenance by vendor
  • Developed scope and requested quotes for camera additions for Auxiliary Services cash counting operations
  • Forward progress of data cabling installations for 23 Student Housing additions
  • Assisted with interviews for new student workers for Solution Center
  • Met with consultants assessing ITS needs toward CIO search
  • 2 team members attended 1 hour Fall Protection/Arial Work Platforms training

Information Security    

  • Information Security addressed three significant security incidents requiring SIRF reports.
  • Information Security submitted four news articles to the CI News Center for National Cyber-security Awareness Month.
  • Information Security conducted six Business Email Compromise awareness training sessions to the following groups this month: Human Resources, Office of the President, CI Police Department and the Project PROMESAS staff.
  • Carlos Miranda continues to address campus reported phishing email attempts.
  • Continued configuration and testing of Spirion, which will be replacing our current Identity Finder product.
  • Neal Fisch completed the following regular audits:
    • Monthly - Segregation of Duties in PeopleSoft
    • Monthly - System Access vs. Terminated EE’s
    • Quarterly Data Center and Oracle Account Audit
  • The second pilot group for DUO 2-Step (multi-factor) authentication has performed well with no reported issues or questions from the pilot group.
  • Work continued on CI’s annual Security and Data Risk Assessment (confidential data) to be turned in to the CO in December.  Surveys were sent to designated CI administrators to complete before 11/29/2018.
  • Information Security resolved 124 work order in October (as of this update).
  • Completed 3 Information Security Vendor Risk Assessments tied to IT Procurements.
  • Carlos Miranda was asked to present at the 2018 Submerge User Conference and Phishing Defense Summit.
  • Carlos Miranda completed a CISSP course offered by UCSD
  • Carlos Miranda attended a Cloud Security Summit hosted by Palo Alto Networks in Irvine.

Project Management

  • CI Fileflow document management: XML to TS130 process development in support of intelligent capture of transcripts continues. 
  • Scheduling IRPE migration from TrackIT to TeamDynamix
  • Completed first draft of major IT project review, for presentation to IT Policy & Planning Committee
  • Leading additional training sessions to support TeamDynamix administrator development
  • Kicking off procurement of Via Watermark assessment system for School of Education

Web Services

  • CI Fileflow document management: XML to TS130 process development in support of intelligent capture of transcripts continues. 
  • ​Delivered updates to GPA calculator administrative console for Academic Advising
  • Delivered GRE test sessions registration system for Extended University
  • Developing campus calendar demonstration for Enrollment Management to migrate the campus calendar to more flexible Trumba campus calendar format
  • Working on updates for New Student Orientation web site, VPBFA web site, Extended University and School of Business
  • Working on myCI 3.2 updates to develop new minimal and compressed views of user interface

Administration (AVP’s office)

  • Congratulations to Tara Hughes on her transition to Human Resources as Interim Manager of Administrative Services. Tara Hughes serves as the Interim Manager for an expanded Solution Center. In her new role, Tara will lead a team in building and managing the expansion of the Solution Center to include Human Resources’ first point of contact.
  • Congratulations and farewell to Nasser Mansour, Enterprise Services Engineer, who accepted a new position outside of CSUCI.    
  • Led October IT Policy & Planning Committee to review draft list of major IT projects
  • In partnership with Teaching & Learning Innovations, procured Badgr Pro software to facilitate expansion of digital badging and microcredentialing programs
  • Evaluating customer relationship management (CRM) system needs of Extended University and Enrollment Management
  • Peter attended Ventura County Regional Broadband Summit in Camarillo
  • Peter attended the Educause National Conference in Denver, CO

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