Managing your Exchange Online mailbox

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One of the benefits of using Exchange Online is increased mailbox size.  As noted in the campus announcement about this service, the default mailbox size is 50 GB.  For optimal performance users should strive to keep their mailbox well below that limit.  Doing so will make the desktop experience smoother with fewer things to load/index/search through.   Importantly though, sending and receiving email will be restricted as users approach that 50 GB limit:

  • At 49 GB users will receive a warning email about approaching the maximum size limit
  • At 49.5 GB users are prohibited to send additional email
  • At 50 GB users are not able to send or receive email

T&I can recommend various email management strategies that will enable users to avoid any interruption in email service.   Deleting unnecessary email is the natural first line of defense, but users may also consider storing extra file attachments off-line or in Dropbox to conserve space in the Exchange email box.

We also recommend that users make use of Exchange Online Archive, which allows you to keep an additional 50 GB of email in a separate folder for occasional use.  Items may be placed there manually at any time, but T&I can also create a rule that automatically sends anything older than one year to the on-line archive for you.

If you’d like help with any of these strategies please contact the T&I Solution Center via email at or call 805-437-8552 and an Information Technology Consultant will work with you individually to configure your email optimally for your specific use.

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