Best practices for file access from shared instructor workstations in classrooms and labs

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We're pleased to share some best practices for instructors or presenters who use the shared instructor workstations in CSUCI's shared classrooms and labs.

The recommended way to access files in our shared teaching and learning spaces (classrooms and labs) is through CI’s cloud-based, web accessible repositories: Dropbox@CI, CI Learn (Canvas), and CI Docs (Google). These repositories are configurable to allow users to organize and share files as needed. The strategy to provide cloud-based file sharing that is secure, robust, and scalable is preferred over maintaining on-site network share drives.

In shared classroom/lab environments, consistent and reliable workstations with little personalization are necessary to ensure that:

  • each user has a predictable, consistent experience in the classroom;
  • hardware can be quickly and easily replaced in hot swappable fashion as necessary; and
  • resource allocations (disk space) are protected and controlled to provide the best performance possible for all users. 

With the trend toward using cloud-based file repositories comes the need for users to be aware of the capabilities and limits of these services when accessed from shared computers. In addition to sharing files through the CI supported web services, instructors and students can also access and edit files in the classroom from their own USB drives.

While full access to individual personal files is permitted, features like the Dropbox App may not be supported in order to allow successful use of the shared computers by all.

If you need help to share or display files in a lab or classroom, please contact the T&I Solution Center at or call 805-437-8552.

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