Computer end-of-life and red-tagging of IT equipment - update

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The Division of Technology & Innovation (T&I) at CSU Channel Islands has recently updated its business practice with respect to how support is handled for IT equipment which has reached its end of life. 

The University currently supports a portfolio of several thousand desktops, laptops, tablet devices, printers, projectors and other office and classroom equipment. In order to maintain a modern, reliable and secure computing environment for the campus and to ensure that CSUCI students and employees have good working equipment to perform their daily assignments, it is necessary to regularly remove older technology from production and replace it with newer, more reliable technology. A regular refresh cycle reduces the burden of support by technicians in T&I for older, less-reliable, and increasingly non-standard equipment.

Please take some time to review BP.03.012 - Business Practice for Hardware End-of-Life and "Red Tagging". The updated practice describes:

  • the criteria for equipment end-of-life; 
  • how end-of-life equipment will be marked by T&I technicians with a red tag; and 
  • the level of support that T&I will provide for red-tagged devices.

As University divisions and campus organizations may not be fully aware of the number and location of computers in their area that will be considered as "red tagged" in accordance with this practice, during the spring 2018 term T&I User Services will be contacting each division with an inventory of personal computers and equipment in their area which fall into the category of "red tagged" equipment, to enable each division to plan for appropriate refresh of end-of-life equipment. In accordance with this practice, these inventory reports will be provided to each division by T&I User Services on an annual basis. 

Please contact T&I Manager of User Services Dawn Canfield at with any questions about this practice or the computer inventory. Thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep CSUCI's technology environment up-to-date!

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