Help improve the campus directory and wayfinding

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The Division of Technology & Innovation (T&I) needs your help to improve contact and way finding information in the online campus directory.

Please take a moment to search for your own contact information in the CSUCI campus directory.

If you find an incorrect phone number, office location or other information in your own (or any of your colleagues’) directory entry, please click the “Request a Directory Change” button in the directory entry, as shown in the animation below:

Animation of how to request a directory change

(Having problems viewing the animation above? Visit the Request a Directory Change web page for detailed instructions)

You’ll be prompted to specify which data is incorrect, make suggestions for corrections, and even choose to be notified once corrections have been made. Once submitted, your change will be sent to the campus directory coordinator for your division, who will review the request, and make the appropriate corrections in CI Records (which will propagate automatically to the campus directory).

Thanks in advance for your help in making it easier to find and contact employees at CI.

Please contact the T&I Help Desk at with any questions about the campus directory.

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