Get to know your Division Project Coordinators

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During the spring 2016 term, CI’s division vice presidents each appointed a Division Project Coordinator (DPC) to assist in gathering and prioritizing any requests for major IT projects and major IT procurements. You can view the list of Division Project Coordinators here.

Effective March 1, 2016, any new major IT-related projects or procurements must be submitted to your division’s DPC and will be reviewed by campus governance in accordance with the T&C Business Practice on IT Project and Procurement Governance. The review & submission process takes place during a bi-annual cycle.

The spring 2017 submission cycle is now closed, and the fall 2017 submission cycle is scheduled to open on December 1, 2016 (for projects to begin after July 1, 2016). You can review timelines for each submission cycle here.

Want to know what qualifies as a major IT project or procurement, or have further questions about the bi-annual submission & review cycle? Please contact your Division Project Coordinator, or contact Peter Mosinskis, Director of IT Strategy, at or 805-437-8587.

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