The Mobile Campus - new T&C video series

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In March 2013, the Division of Technology & Communication (T&C)  hosted the first Open Forum on Mobile Strategy and "unconference".

The lively discussion at the forum emphasized the varying levels of awareness of mobile concepts and strategies by members of the CI community. Three themes recurred frequently in discussions:
  • "Keeping up with the rate of change for [mobile] technology"
  • building a "baseline of commonplace knowledge" for what works well on mobile devices (and what doesn't); and
  • providing "simple steps to get started" for users and organizations that want to "go mobile"
To help introduce mobile concepts and terminology to the CI community, T&C is pleased to introduce a new video series of short episodes about making CI a more mobile-friendly place. These videos will be hosted on a new "Mobile Strategy" web site, along with news and other resources related to mobile technology at CI.

What does "mobile" mean anyway?  In short, it's about a lot more than just mobile devices. Watch our first episode (about 2 minutes) about how we define what "mobile" means: 

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